God Friended Me – s01 ep 01 – “Pilot” – SERIES PREMIERE

God Friended Me (2018)I was browsing through the TVLine.com fall premiere pilots calendar and this show caught my eye.

Not because I was interested in it,  but because I was shocked somebody would even make this.

IMDb’s synopsis says:

“An atheist’s life is turned upside down when he is “friended” by God on Facebook.”

I mean… why? Why would anyone make a show about being friended by God on fucking Facebook!

Miles (Brandon Michael Hall) is a normal guy who is an atheist and has a podcast all about it. All of a sudden he gets a friend request from an account called “God” and weird things start happening: God send him a friend suggestions and Miles ends up saving this guy’s life.

He then puts him in contact with Cara (Violett Beane), a young woman who works for a magazine and with Miles’ co-worker and friend Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), they try to figure out what is going on.

Miles goes to meet his dad (Scandal’s Papa Eli Pope’s Joe Morton), who ironically, is a priest.

And things start to unravel in front of them with secrets and coincidences coming to light. 

I never thought I would say this but the line: “I found God. He is in Jersey” is gold. And a Mr Robot reference! (I miss that show…)

I am surprised by CBS’s diversity.

This network is not known for its diverse main characters, so it’s an overdue small improvement.

The fact that it is a surprise an African-American man is the lead in a show in 2018 says a lot about the overall whiteness of the entire network.

It’s an interesting show, with a weird and crazy premise but the writing is a bit rhetorical. It feels like it wants to teach me to believe in God and I’m not here for it.

The acting is decent at best and the writing is unbelievably predictable. It’s cliché line after cliché line.

I thought it could be a show that might give us a new and fresh prospective on faith and God but it did not deliver. At least in the pilot.

I do not think I will watch it faithfully (eeheheh see what I did there?) week after week but I just might watch a couple of episodes. I’m intrigued to see the direction the show will be going in.

Risultati immagini per god friended me promo photos

And a nice bit of trivia… it is produced by Berlanti Production, the same Greg Berlanti that is behind the movie “Love, Simon”, “Riverdale” and more of The CW’s shows.

Did you see the show? What do you think about it? Will you keep watching?

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3 thoughts on “God Friended Me – s01 ep 01 – “Pilot” – SERIES PREMIERE

  1. I kind of liked the show. I didn’t find too preachy and the plot progression felt organic rather than forced and rushed. It was light and interesting. Was it the best pilot I’ve ever seen? No. Can I see the show lasting more than a few seasons? No. But I’ll keep watching.

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