New Amsterdam – s01 ep 01 – “Pilot” – SERIES PREMIERE

Another medical drama!

It’s the third one this week for me! And on Thursday “Grey’s Anatomy” premieres its 15th season (which I will hate watch. For. Sure). First The Resident, The Good Doctor and now this.

I’ll try to be brief. (Like it’s even a possibility).

Meet our protagonist, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold), the new Medical Director, who overhears a couple of nurses talking about him in spanish in the locker room. Little do they know, he does speak spanish!  Fun banter right from the start.



“New Amsterdam is America’s first public hospital.”

Uhhhhhhh!!! This is interesting! Medicare for all, y’all!

Freeman Agyeman!, who plays Dr. Hana Sharpe, who is a doctor who also acts as a publicist for the Hospital?! I’m a bit confused.

He has a new approach, asking doctors for ways to improve the hospital, he is shaking things up and people are not on board. He fires entire departments, he does not care about money: he is like a genie granting wishes, giving the remaining doctors exactly what they want.

2018-09-26 (7).png

But apparently he has a medical condition and he asks one of this colleagues, Dr. Laura Bloom (Janet Montgomery) to help him! The drama intensifies!!!

Something else I’ve noticed… There are a lot of medical dramas about surgery, cutting people open and billing them thousands and thousands of dollars. But there aren’t many that are about the psychiatric department.

I’m glad they are shining a light on it and on mental health.

A patient we have seen glimpses of from the beginning collapses in the waiting room and doctors believe he might have Ebola.

Now unto the gossipy part of the show because it seems like everybody sleeps with everybody on these medical shows… Dr. Bloom and Dr. Floyd Pearson (who was fired and then hired back and promoted two minutes later.)!


2018-09-26 (6).png

But he wants them to be friends and the reason he gives for this break up is because she is not black.

Now the police is involved! And now the patient is a terrorist suspect! With relations to ISIS. This might be a little bit too much.

There are too many things happening on this show.

Dr Pearson’s speech about wanting to marry only black women! You go, man! But then he goes back to Doctor Bloom. I’m like… what?

The patient with Ebola is crashing but they manage to save him and at the same time, Dr. Bloom glove rips. (Don’t worry, it was not Ebola and everything is okay.)

But the surprises are not over yet! Dr. Goodwin’s estranged wife (whose name is Georgia, by the way *wink wink*) gets admitted for issues related to her pregnancy.

Ryan Eggold in New Amsterdam (2018)

I understand Networks need people to watch their shows and said shows are required to have plot twist after plot twist to keep us entertained but…

there is a limit to everything.

Martha Jones Dr. Shana said it herself: “You need to slow down”.

And right after that they reveal that Dr Goodwin has cancer.


This was a lot.

Television Networks are trying to make shows in which one thing happens right after the other, the pace is as quick as it can be and it is exhausting.

I’ve seen three pilots today. Three. And yesterday I saw another two. They all need to take a step back and calm down.

Overall, I liked it. There is a recurring theme in medical dramas in 2018: more caring and less money. Healthcare is a complicated and very talked about issues in the US and these new shows are all about the “doctor for the people”, who does not care about money, protocol and rules.

It’s cool. I’m all for it.

“New Amsterdam” has been the only pilot so far that I am considering returning to next week.

What do you think about? Did you like it? Do you also think it was a little bit too fast-paced?

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