Manifest – s01 ep 01 – “Pilot” – SERIES PREMIERE

After watching the NBC’s Primetime Preview with the cast of Brooklyn99, I am very familiar with all the shows that NBC offers.

“Manifest” did catch my eye. It felt like an episode of “Fringe”!

It’s about a flight full of passengers that takes off in 2013 and, after some turbulence, mysteriously reappears in 2018. The rest of the world has aged 5 years but for them it has only been a matter of hours.

April 7th, 2013

We see a typical white family at the airport and the narrator, Michaela Stone, (Melissa Roxburgh) tells us who they are: her brother Ben (Josh Dallas), his wife Grace (Athena Karkanis) and their children (Luna Blaise and Jack Messina) (one of them is suffering from leukemia), her parents and she gives us hint about her own personal life.

2018-09-26 (2).png

Apparently she refused a marriage proposal, broke up with her fiancée or something along the lines of that and that she had an “accident” that still gives her nightmares.

Michaela, her brother Ben and his sick son Cal decide to take a later flight while the rest of the family goes home as planned.

Then a pretty bad turbulence happens all of a sudden and as they land, the trio faces an unexpected surprise. They are met by the police and other law enforcement agencies who tells them the date: November 4th, 2018.

They have all been missing for 5 and a half years.

And now everything gets more interesting, spooky and supernatural.

They are finally reunited and while the rest of the family has aged, those who were on the plane did not. Michaela and Ben are met with terrible news: in the 5 years that went by, their mother has died.


The FBI is investigating the mystery and coming up with nothing to explain what went down.

And now we fin out more things about Michaela! She works for the NYPD, her boyfriend/fianceé Jared (J.R. Ramirez) is married to somebody else (her best friend) and there is something in her past that is still left unsaid.

And she keeps hearing voices!

That voice told her “slow down”, she told the bus driver she was in to hit the brakes and she saves a child’s life!

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! This could really be an episode of Fringe! I’m waiting for Olivia Dunham and Peter and Walter Bishop to pop up on my screen. (I miss them so much).

And now her brother hears voices too! Ok, I am intrigued.

WE ALMOST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED! She was in a car crash in which somebody named Evie died.

One of the other passengers, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) turns out to be the doctor whose research could help little Cal live.

2018-09-26 (3).png

On the other hand, Michaela keeps hearing the same voice telling her to set a pair of dogs free. Turns out, the dog’s owner had kidnapped two little girls (whose news of the disappearance we had heard before in the background)


On top of that, it seems like Ben’s wife Grace has something to hide. She keeps receiving texts AND her daughter knows what it is all about. (And if you allow me to speculate, so do we. It’s a boyfriend because after 5 years, she rightfully moved on)

Michaela and Ben saved the two little girls who were kidnapped and in the middle of the night, all the people who were on the plane are compelled to come back to the airport and when they do, the plane blows up.


2018-09-26 (4).png

The explosion was super fake and we can see it from a mile away. Even 2008 Doctor Who had better special effects than this.

Risultati immagini per mic drop obama gif

I told myself I was going to keep this short” says 700 words later.

Even though the plot seems cool and interesting, I am not blown away by the performances.

They are deadpan and the delivery is off.

To me, there is no emotion behind the acting. It is a traumatic experience they have gone through and there is little to no reaction. I would have had a mental breakdown, had this happened to me. And yet, they pick up their life where they had left them and it seems like everybody is okay with it.

There is no reaction whatsoever. I was expecting the characters to react more naturally to what happened.They are already uptodate with all technological devices, have no questions about America’s President, Donald Trump. They don’t seem preoccupied by the fact that they have missed 5 years.

The dialogue is not bad, kind of cheesy but hey, it’s network television. (Had it been more realistic, everybody would have started swearing like sailors). What irritated me was something Michaela’s former boyfriend Jared said: “You still take my breath away.”

I would have punched him in the face. Let alone the fact that he is married, what the fuck, dude? Seriously? You start with the most common and most stupid pick up line ever?! COME ON!

But it’s the plot itself. I would have appreciated it more, if they had diluted the events and concentrated a bit more of the character’s introspective and their feelings.  It’s a bit too much plot-heavy.

Anyway, I enjoyed it and I want to find out what happens next!

If you want to shut your brain off for 40 minutes and don’t question if the writing and acting is good or not, I would recommend it.

Is it my next favourite show? No.

Will I start watching it regularly, week after week? Probably not. Only if I have time and nothing else better to do.

Did you see “Manifest”? What were your thoughts? Will you keep watching? Am I the only one who immediately thought of “Fringe”?

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