F.B.I. – s01 ep 01 – “Pilot” – SERIES PREMIERE

I do not have great expectations about this show and this review is going to be extremely brief. This was part of my “Lawyers and Law Enforcement Pilots” post.

In the first three minutes I had already seen something that was bothering me:

This shot:

2018-09-26 (5).png

and the collapse of the building. Seriously? What was that?

And everyone is super intense! They are saying their lines with their eyes half closed and eyebrows frowned.

I was reading the credits and… it’s produced by Dick Wolf? Law and Order’s Dick Wolf?

[Future me here… According to my previous post, I already knew it was a Dick Wolf produced show and completely forgot.]

Ok the dialogue is bad. Think of all the most common police/FBI lingo you can imagine and I can assure you, they have probably said it. 

Also, ding ding ding ding!!!

Second super fake explosion!

14 minutes in… I’m bored.

Okay, now they’re interrogating a possible MS-13 gang member and oh, guess what? The other suspect is an African American drug dealer.

and again… guess what? The cops are white.

nbc brooklyn 99 GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Did we really need another show to confirm Fox New’s audience’s crazy theories on immigration?

To make the tough agent more soft, they gave him a fear of spiders? WHAT?

Wait… and now they are going after a White Nationalist guy?


And they are talking about health care now?

What baffles me is that a not very well-made TV can say “Nazis are bad” better than the current President of the United States.

And they made a “tiki torch” reference to the Charlottesville events of last year?

Has this become a relevant show? Is it actually reflecting the political lanscape of America’s society?

Mmmmm…. YES! It fliped halfway through! There is even a newsanchor saying: “That’s just code for racist victim blaming. Systemic institutionalized racism is the real…” and she gets cut off by her co–anchor!


Oh no the protagonist’s husband died recently. I’m sorry.

They accused the Nazi! Because he did it! You fucking monster. Justice was served and he got arrested! And they prevent another bomb from destroying the city. Great.

I will not keep watching the show. I am not interested in another procedural TV show about law enforcement.

The music makes you feel like somebody is going to go terrible wrong at any minute and it’s just too much.

At the beginning, I was angry but than the show literally flipped! Was it to trick the audience? Because it worked.

Also, as soon as “Executive Producer Dick Wolf” appeared on the screen at the end, I was expecting to hear the familiar Law & Order theme… But I didn’t.

To sum up: Meh but better than I expected.

Did you like the show? Did you see the pilot? What are your thoughts on it?

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