The Resident – s02 ep 01 – “00:42:30” – SEASON 2 PREMIERE

Let’s kick off the start of my season premieres / pilot series of reviews!!!

I am so excited! This is gonna be fun!

I have written quite a lot about “The Resident”, despite it not leaving that of a great first impression on me. I also reviewed season 1 in its entirety but I wasn’t sure I would be back for season 2.

And guess what?

I am!

To recap what happened in the first season, Condrad (Matt Czuchry), Nic (EmilyVanCamp) and Devon (Manish Dayal) uncovered Dr. Hunter’s illegal overdose of chemotherapy on her patients, Dr. Bell’s rise to President of the hospital despite his drinking, drug usage and inability to perform surgery. On top of that, Nic was being framed by Dr. Hunter for the murder of one of her patients, Lily and Conrad’s powerful father disrupts the fragile equilibrium keeping his son’s life together.

so…. DRAMAAA!!!

And season 2 starts off with Conrad and Nic having steamy sex in the shower!

You go girl! Go get it!

2018-09-25 (5).png


Dr. Hunter is actually being accused of murder, fraud and so many other things! She might even face the death penalty! I did not know the state of Georgia still had it! (Which is barberic, by the way. I’m so against this.)

We see these two little newborn babies with heart problems, their mother in the ICU and their father barely hanging on and… of course the power goes off in the middle of surgery!

2018-09-25 (2).png

Dr Okafor and Dr Austin have one of the tiny tiny babies on their table, performing heart surgery.


Resident evil old white man Dr Bell is trying to make decisions but of course, money is his first concern and it seems like he only wants to maintain his and the hospital’s reputation.

What a dick.

But turns out, it wasn’t the storm that caused the power to go off! The hospital has been attacked by hackers!

A kid, victim of a gun show wound comes into the ER and even though they are at full capacity, Conrad decides to open him up right there and then build a makeshift O.R. in the middle of the floor.

2018-09-25 (4).png

Cool and completely reckless. Conrad Hawkins’ style.


But this hacker isn’t a foreign attacker! The hit came from inside the hospital! Even more drama! I knew it was the girl, the college drop out, Nic’s patient. I knew it was her.


Power was restored, all patients were saved and all was well! (Well… almost… Dr Bell is plotting something as ush.)

I think I would have liked this story a lot more, had I not seen a similar episode on Grey’s Anatomy last season.

Although the stakes are much higher here and I was stressed for all 40 minutes. It’s a good season premiere, I was entertained.

There is still this lingering feeling that there is always something shady and carefully hidden in the background and that makes me come back to the show.

What are your thoughts on the premiere? What do you think this season is going to be about? Will we know more about Conrad and Nic’s past relationship? Will Dr Bell be exposed?

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