The Good Doctor – s02 ep 01 – “Hello” – SEASON 2 PREMIERE

Another season of ABC’s “The Good Doctor” premiered last night!

This is such an interesting show! I binge-watched season 1 this summer and I liked it. I was not blown away by it, but Freddie Highmore performance as Shawn, an extremely intelligent young surgeon with autism and savant syndome, was very very good.

Nowadays television is quite diverse and this show is the only one on a network television like ABC to feature a protagonist with autism. (Netflix premiered last year “Atypical”).

I was intrigued and overall the show was enjoyable. I was not impressed by many performances and

I feel like the genre is exhausting itself.

It’s almost always the same thing. If you are a fan of “House” you might probably enjoy this show, since it is created by the same person, David Shore.

In season 1 we see Shawn adapting to more independence and we learn about his past, the death of his little brother, his violent dad and the inability of his mother to protect her children from him. We see Shawn experiencing life, having a crush and growing up as a better functioning individual.


…season 2!

Straight from the beginning we see that Dr. Andrews (Harper Hill) has become the President of the hospital, replacing Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff).

2018-09-25 (11).png


All the residents have faced reviews regarding their performance and they are trying to find the solution to make a complicated heart surgery possible.

2018-09-25 (9).png

Dr. Glassman, Shawn’s mentor, is meeting with his oncologist and trying to bulldoze his way into the doctor’s treatment plan.

Shawn (Freddie Highmore) is on the field, helping homeless people and Dr. Kalu (Chuku Modu) tries to convince him to be there for Glassman and to teach him to have sympathy for what he is going through.

2018-09-25 (8).png

Then, while with Dr. Glassman, Shawn realises that his patient has a brain tumor.

[Just saying, but I had already guessed it. And I did not need all those fancy graphics.]

The heart surgery goes on a planned and Shawn’s hunch about his homeless patient turns out to be correct.

2018-09-25 (6).png

The ending was really sweet, with Shawn telling Dr. Glassman he will accompany him on his journey fighting cancer.

And Lea is back!!!! WOOOO! Plot twist!

It was… alright.

I was bored.

The narrative moved at a slow pace and I did not care about other people’s problems. I was interested in Shawn’s character development.

I did skip ahead a few times, especially if Shawn was not on screen.

What I like about this show is the diversity. The chief of surgery is an African-American man, one of the best surgeons is a Latinx and almost all the residents are minorities. The only white people on the show are Shawn, Dr. Glassman and Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann).


Did you see The Good Doctor? Did you enjoy this episode? Are you planning on watching the entire season?

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