Suits – s08 ep 10 – “Managing Partner” – REVIEW – SUMMER FINALE

[Attention! This post contains some strong language. I couldn’t help myself. And swearing is fun.]

Finally! The summer finale is here! I was sick and tired of Suits taking up my time. I don’t mean to sound so hateful. I love the show but in the past two years it has become incredibly frustrating and I’m fed up with it.

Now we’ll have 4 to 5 months to wait until the rest of the season. I still might post a couple of Suits related things like

ways they ruined the show in season 7


Please bring Mike Ross back: here is a top 100 of his best moments


“Jessica Pearson: one of my favourite characters but LIKE HELL I’m gonna watch the spin-off; sorry girl“.

These are all plausible titles. Let me know your favourite.

Anyway.. stuff happened, business was talked, Donna was wearing a fabulous dress (as I’m writing this, I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I am sure it was amazing.)

Let’s go. Let’s see how many things I hate I can find in just a 40 minute episode.


And again… so little Harvey in this episode! But he is still spreading idiocy.

He asked Katrina to impersonate Samantha to help Alex win his case: WHAT? I’m confused by this.

Harvey was so useless in these last episodes and I’m glad he took a step back. I’m tired of his bad decision-making.


Donna comes into Harvey’s office in the first minutes of the episode, trying to foresee the things she will have to fix in the future.

2018-09-20 (8).png

She should not be the fixer of the firm! Give her something more.

Donna is taking her “fixer” duties door-to-door: asking Louis to step up as managing partner.

GIVE HER A BETTER STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll never get tired of saying this.


Sheila is interim Dean! Congrats… I guess?

Is Louis asking Sheila to turn down her position as fulltime Dean?


So. Fucking. Angry.

But then he changes his mind and he tells Sheila that he would take time off. She tells him she is pregnant (yaaaaay!!) and all of a sudden, he realises what’s important. Just like that.

What kind of bullshit is this? She announces she is pregnant so he snaps into place and now everything is fine?

And that same evening he offers to step down from the firm to take care of his family.

Is this a cohesive storyline? Does this look like something that makes sense?


And he accepts it! First order of business? Promoting Alex and Samantha at the same time.


Slap them with this exact deal and say: deal the fuck with it or fucking leave.


and now they are changing the name again. For the billionth time.

Do I even care at this point?

(spoiler alert: no)

Here is a picture of Harvey and Louis hugging:

2018-09-20 (9).png


Katrina puts some sense into Louis.

It seems like the women on this show are just here to fix things. They do not have a proper storyline that does not revolved around a man.

And I am fucking pissed about this.


They really want their name on the door, don’t they? Since I have zero competitive bones in my body, I don’t really understand it.

In the flashback, the FBI approached her, quoted JFK and…. oh sorry I fell asleep for a sec.  Should I be interested in whose name gets up on the door? Because I am not.

Still in the past, Samantha’s firm is allegedly laundering money. And Past!Robert Zane is helping her dig into the firm’s financial discrepancies. Turns out: he got roped in a crime. But they kind of cover it up together? And protect each other? Cool.

And this time, it’s not a John Oliver sarcastic cool. I’m just as surprised as you are.

The most anti-climatic summer finale of all time. It was so boring. Like, so boring. For a moment I think I fell asleep and missed a couple of things.

That’s it. I have nothing left to say.

Tweet at me and let me know your thoughts on the episode. I’d love to chat!

Do you have any suggestions for crazy titles for my futures upcoming posts?



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