Suits s08 ep 08 – “Coral Gables” – Review

[Attention! Some strong language in this post because when I get angry, I swear like a sailor and Suits makes me extremely upset]

It took me 3 days to finally decide to watch it and 4 more days to post it: this was the most boring episode of all time. It was useless. It made no sense. I wasted 42 minutes of my life.

Let’s see what happened. Nor should I say “not happened” because IT WAS A USELESS EPISODE!


Samantha tries to steal clients from her and Robert Zane’s former firm.

And Harvey gets involved.



Then some more lawyer shit, Samantha and Harvey fight in the lobby and somehow challenge him to a boxing fight? And they share a pizza? And there start… flirting?

I’m disgusted and I hate this.

Another fabricating evidence story?!


And not Harvey is fighting with Samantha in the bathroom. Classic Suits scene.

She buried evidence. Alright. I don’t care.

Spoiler alert: everything was fine in the end.


Gretchen and Donna!!! I love them together! Two amazing women together!

Why was there so little Donna in this episode! She has no storyline this season! This is highly disappointing.

LOUIS2018-09-13 (1).png

Sheila keeps making appointments without talking to Louis and more pregnancy shit.

And at the fertility doctor, Louis meets a former class mate, who used to bully him.


Who cares about seeing Louis being bullied AGAIN!? Show me more Katrina!

Also, Sheila thanking him for being involved in the process of conceiving their child sets the bar so low. It takes to people to make a baby. They make it look like Louis is extra special for being there with her.


And now Louis is literally confronting his younger self?

2018-09-13 (3).png


My hatred for Clay knows no boundaries.


No Katrina. I’m so angry.

What was the point of promoting her to a series regular if she is not in 4 out of the 8 episodes that have aired! This is a disgrace.


Oh no! Alex is going to spend the entire episode looking for Louis to sign some super important document!

2018-09-13 (2).png

You can hear the sarcasm from the other side of the globe.

So of course there are issues and yadi yadi yadi yadi. I’m about to puke.

Poor Gretchen made a mistake! Who cares she is amazing. I mean, her trying to make it seem it was the other secretary’s fault was not great.

Long story short, she cost Alex a client, they’re kind of pissed but not that much.

I love you Gretchen please don’t leave the show.

2018-09-13 (4).png

*insert every possible frustrated emoji*

I don’t have anything to say.

Tomorrow the review of the latest episode will come out! I hope it’s better than this garbage.




70th Primetime Emmy Awards: Drama (Supporting Actors, Lead Actors and Outstanding Series)

Even more drama!

Check out the other categories in the Drama section: Writing, Directing and Guest Actors! And the other categories!

70th Primetime Emmy Awards: Comedy (Writing, Directing and Guest Actors) and 70th Primetime Emmy Awards: Limited Series, Variety and Reality.

Now let’s talk about some dramas!

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series

2018-09-03 (3).png

Of course. Like I can decide a possible winner. Sure.

I’m not a huge fan of Millie Bobby Brown and even though Lena Headey was brilliant as usual, there are performances that impacted me more.

Ann Dowd was spectacular as always and Alexis Bledel made me feel so many emotions. This role was made for her and she gave it 110%.

I’m undecided between Yvonne Strahovski and Vanessa Kirby, but even though I am a little bit in love with Vanessa and Princess Margaret, I think the Emmy should go to Yvonne.

She was mesmerizing.

2017 Winner: Ann Down as Aunt Lydia, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

My Winner: Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

2018-09-03 (5).png

Another tough category. Wow.

I love the Game Of Thrones guys. I do. I have a crush on Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Mandy Patinkin is a treasure and I love him and David Harbour was unbelievable amazing as Jim Hopper.

I can’t decide between Matt Smith and Joseph Fiennes. I really want Matt to win. I think he deserves it so much but the other nominees are so amazing as well.

Out of loyalty I’m gonna go with Matt.

2017 Winner: John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, “The Crown”

My Winner: Matt Smith as Prince Philip, “The Crown”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

lead actress in drama.png

I’m not familiar with Tatiana Maslany and Keri Russell’s performances, to be fair.

Also, Sandra Oh is the first Asian-American woman to be nominated for an Emmy as Lead Actress. And she deserves it so much. Her performance in Killing Eve was perfect.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II was as brilliant as always and Elizabeth Moss literally tore my heart out of my chest. I can describe her performance as heartbreaking. She broke my heart.

I can’t really talk much about Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores because I was so concentrated on understanding the plot and I lost track of everything else.

2017 Winner: Elisabeth Moss as June / Offred, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

My Winner: I’m picking two winners because this is my blog so my rules: Elisabeth Moss as June / Offred, “The Handmaid’s Tale” and Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri, “Killing Eve”.

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

lead actor in drama.png

So….. I was not that impressed by this category. For some reason, I thought this category would not include these people.

I don’t really know Jason Bateman and Matthew Rhys but I like all the other performances.

I can’t really decide. As I said before, I did not understand a single thing that happened on Westworld so, to sum up my choice is between Milo and Sterling.

I can’t choose. I don’t really have an opinion here. (surprise surprise. As you can see, I am very opinionated. And not just about TV).

2017 Winner: Sterling K Brown as Randall Pearson, “This is Us”

My Winner: Sterling K Brown or Jeffrey Wright (Sorry Milo).

Outstanding Drama Series

drama series.png

Well, well, well… The BIG category.

If I follow my instincts, my gut says “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Season 2 was heartbreaking and so intense.

But what about “The Crown”? And “Stranger Things 2”? That was so good! And so much better than season 1! Like, so much better. Even I watched it twice!

In these posts, I’m coming off as a non-Game of Thrones-fan. And I like the show… I’m jut so tired of it and there were some things I was no on board with. I’m tired of it. Thank God the next one is the last season.

This is Us broke my heart in a million pieces and it’s an amazing depiction of family life and deep issues every one of us faces in their lives.

Westworld is like… so well written, so well-directed and so well acted, but I don’t know what it is about and what it all means. It makes no sense.

I’m sure “The Americans” is amazing but I stopped at season 2. It was not for me.

Concluding, I don’t know. They are all Emmy worthy shows. I think I might be disappointed only if Westworld wins. Because I am so annoyed with it. Like, so annoyed.

2017 Winner: The Handmaid’s Tale

My Winner: every one but Westworld.

Here we are!

The Emmys are almost here! Remember to watch the ceremony on September 17th on NBC! Hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost.

Check out my Twitter! Vote in the polls and let me know who YOU think should win!