“I’m in a relationship with Harvey Specter” – Suits – s08 ep 06 – “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter” – Review

Here I am with another Suits review!!! We’re a little bit over the halfway mark of 8A so four more episodes until the summer finale!

Who knows what will happen!? (Please dont’ let Katrina and Bryan be part of a cheating storyline and please please PLEASE, get Donna and Harvey together.)

I’m still somewhat hopeful regarding Darvey. Should I? No. Why? Because I’ve been disappointed every single time and probably forever will.

Enough chit-chat! Let’s get into the episode!!


Louis asks Harvey to cover a case for him while he tries to procreate with Sheila. The case: a 16-year-old who says one of Louis’ client’s concealers gave her a rash. WHAT IS THIS STORYLINE?! Are they trying to be more, as Brooklyn99’s Captain Holt would say, “awake”?

This girl wants 10 million dollar because a product caused her breakouts?! If everybody did that, the entire cosmetic empire would collapse before our eyes! And this causes tension between Harvey and Louis: they don’t agree on how to proceed and insults are thrown around.

But don’t worry… Dr. Lipschitz is back!!! He is such a great man. In a session with him, Louis suggests Harvey to come with him and lash out their issues with each other.

I’m so happy he wants to see Harvey as a client. Maybe he can actually help him. Not like Paula Agard.

2018-08-23 (1).png

It’s Harvey’s first REAL therapy session! Woooooo! Harvey is envious of Louis! Soft!Harvey is da best.

“Everyone leaves: Mike, Rachel, Jessica, my sister-in-law.”

And guess who is the only person who hasn’t left you? That has stayed by your side for 13 years?

DONNA, you dumbass!

They left the mushy stuff, emotions and feelings for the men and instead gave Donna and Samantha a badass case. YEEEEEEEES!

I thought it was weird that when he brought up the fact that Louis and Harvey have a relationship, Louis said: “Can I be the boy?” Ehm? Excuse me? What does that mean?

Aside from that, the adorable moments between the two friends were great. I’m so happy the writers are focusing on aspects such as these.


Donna is trying to find a way to give back and to get a lawyer to help out.

Samantha volunteers and the tension is here! Her and Donna working together?! Great! (Don’t make it weird, please.) She wants to make good with Donna. Personally, I don’t trust her even if she gave 5 million dollars to her. (and spoiler alert… I was wrong).

Donna is going to the gala for her charity and she looks amazing! (Duh). Not a fan of the pink/red combo, though. Her flirting with Samantha was fun! If it turns into a nice friendship, I’ll be super glad.

And a first happens on the show: maybe this time Donna is not completely right.

2018-08-23 (2).png

Samantha meddles with the charity because it might not be 100% transparent. Which is not! And the two women team up, push the CEO to resign and hire Donna’s friend back.

Two great women solving cases and being in a nice friendship! YAY!



And now she has to fight to make senior partner. Girl, you can do it!


If the friendship between Katrina and Bryan turns romantic, I’m gonna lose it.

Legit lose it.


Alex was basically a postman, delivering messages from one person to another. And that’s okay. We needed more Katrina!

Here we are! It was a really nice episode! A lot more character driven, compared to other seasons and episodes.

Did you like Harvey and Louis’ journey to a healthy friendship? And what about Donna and Samantha? Do you think Katrina and Bryan will become more than friends? Will you be as angry as I will be?

Feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!



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