“You’re not the only one who loved her.” – The Affair – Season 4 Review

This post contains spoilers for all 4 seasons of The Affair and season 2 of “This is Us”!

First words I said after the recap at the beginning:

“I don’t remember season 3.”

And I don’t! I have no idea what happened! I remember Noah sleeping with a French person because I hated her and… Cole was married to Luisa, Helen started dating Vic and I have no idea what Alison was up to.

Then there was some prison stuff and maybe some other stuff about Alison’s daughter’s father’s real identity. I know. It’s confusing.

This new season has been a really emotional rollercoaster.

I was not that excited to watch it because season 3 was real bad. And yet, here I am!

But in season 4, Helen, Vic and Noah have moved to Los Angeles and Cole, Luisa and Alison share custody of Joanie. All the main characters are trying to survive and to keep on living, whether in their new marriages or while trying to find a new place in society.

Noah is completely unable to exists without having a weird and completely inappropriate relationship. And after the first minutes, I was reminded of how much I despise Noah. Even in his own recollection of the events, he manages to come out as an asshole. He always remembers people being impressed by him, people adoring him and I hate him. I really do.

The Affair (2014)

The writing is wonderful on this show. The way these people are depicted and seen through each other’s eyes is brilliant. They are deeply flawed and the conversations sound so real! I forgot how much I loved this show.

Halfway through the season we learn that Vic has cancer. He does not want to seek treatment and what is most devastating is Helen’s reaction to this news and her struggles of coping with it. Maura Tierney gave a spectacular performance. She is truly magnificent.

Speaking of great women, Ruth Wilson! Alison starts dating again. She meets Ben, an ex soldier with PTSD and they start some sort of relationship, only to later find out that he is married.

Like every season, there are snippets of a future event being showed in every episode and this year, it seems that Cole and Noah are teaming up to find Alison, who has disappeared. And now onto the big plot twist and big reveal:

Alison died

In episode 8 we see Cole and Noah going on a road trip to find Alison, who in ep 6 met her long-lost father and discovered her mother was raped by him when she was young.

Finally, they do find her. They are told she was found in the ocean, dead.

The Affair (2014)

What captivated me the most was Joshua Jackson. Episode 8 was a masterpiece and his performance was incredible. I knew he was a good actor. I’ve always known it. But this time, he was at his best.

His reaction when he sees Alison’s body in the coroner’s room was so painfully raw and intense.

Joshua made a joke out of it, posting on Instagram he was coming for James Van Der Beek’s title as best crying face.

Jokes aside, it was beautiful and so painful. Rebecca-Pearson-seeing-Jack’s-body painful.

Episode 9 really played the double point of view. As you know, the show is told from the perspective of the characters and we see how one event is perceived differently by them. But here the writers went the other mile. They told us the same event in two opposite versions, both from Alison’s point of view. The other characters were told the cause of death was drowning, but we, the audience, know what really happened between Alison and Ben, her murderer (who is at her funeral in episode 10 by the way).

I’ve interpreted as what she had wished had happened versus what actually happened. I don’t know if it is true, but when Cole sees Alison’s body at the morgue, there are the rests of a bandaid on her finger. And in the second point of view of episode 9 she cuts herself. It might be nothing but that’s what I thought.

The Affair (2014)

To sum up, I really really liked this season. From Helen’s weird-ass trip to the desert with Sierra (the neighbour with whom she AND Vic slept with. Separately, BTW.) and her problematic relationship with her in-laws to Luisa’s need for independence and Cole’s own trip to California to find out what who he really wants.

It was a beautiful season slightly ruined by some behind-the-scenes drama which you can read here and here.

I just want to say: killing of a female character because she has reached self-empowerment is anti-feminist and stupid. I’m disappointed. Had they killed her off for dramatic purposes only, it would have been bad. But not as bad as this.

That’s it! The Affair has been renewed for a 5th and final season! I can’t wait to see how the story is going to end!

Did you like the finale? Were you devastated by Alison’s death? Do you have Noah as much as I do?

Feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!




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