Suits s08 ep 05 – “Good Mudding” – Review

Another week has gone by!

So, apparently this is supposed to be one of the most Harvey/Donna centred episodes of the first part of season eight.

I tried not to see any spoilers, or promotional photos because then… What would be the fun?

I’ve been watching Suits for a long time and after season seven, I don’t have any expectations for Harvey and Donna to get together any time soon so I ignore everything the show runner says. They always tease us and entice us to believe that they will eventually get together but we all know it’s bullshit.

That being said, here we go!


Ok. The flirting. In the episode. WOW.


2018-08-16 (1).png

I need to take a moment to transcribe their interaction:

D: Is it true about the tomatoes?

H: I think we both know it’s not. Just like we both know it’s really strawberries and whipped cream. What? Too soon?

D: No but this is an office and someone could overhear and misunderstand that that was 13 years ago.

H: Really? ‘Cause it feels like 12 and a half to me.

D: You’re an idiot.


And now Harvey’s brother is getting a divorce! And he cheated on his wife.


Harvey going back to his family to represent his brother in his divorce case might not end up that well.

But wait! Turns out his brother didn’t actually cheat on his wife he went back to gambling. Why the fuck would he lie?! He asked his child to lie . Just like Harvey’s mother asked him to lie about her affair.


And it all becomes more dramatic because Harvey’s mum Lilly shows up at his hotel room to talk to him about forgiving his brother. OBVIOUSLY!

2018-08-17 (1).png


I feel like Louise and Sheila’s relationship isn’t healthy.

She’s always trying to control him and make him do stuff he doesn’t really want to. I get the “trying to get pregnant” excuse but maybe instead of forcing him to go get himself checked up, she should’ve asked him before? That being said, Louis is going to Harvey and asking him questions about his “situation“ was absolutely hilarious.

Harvey trolling Louis by telling him that he is turned on by vegetables like tomatoes made my day. I hoped he would say “Donna” but a girl can dream.

Louis gets turned on by “The Wall Street Journal”, “Forbes” and “Investors weekly”.


I’m loving this episode.

Donna’s sex puns were so fun and yet a bit uncomfortable! This entire episode would be a nightmare for any HR department.

One thing I don’t understand:

Why is Louis going mudding cresting a problem with conceiving a child with Sheila? It seems highly improbable.

Sheila is a manipulative bitch and I don’t like her. I thought their relationship would get better and be healthy but this is just garbage.


Still no Katrina!? WHAT!? You promoted her to series regular and this is the second episode she is not in. I am angry.


it’s bring your daughter to work day! Alex brought her at work and he is having trouble connecting with her.

Alex going to Samantha for help with his daughter was a nice gesture. Great! Samantha was a troubled teenager in high school!

What a surprise!

She bends the law and she doesn’t act ethically so Alex rightfully throws a fit and yadi yadi.

Even though they’re in competition, it doesn’t seem like there is bad blood between them.


That’s it! A lot of flirting, a lot of sex talk and drama.

I’ve been having so much fun reviewing this season. I’m freaking out a lot less than last season.

We are halfway through the first part of season 8. As I’ve been saying, I have little to no expectations for Harvey and Donna to get together.

I want it to happen. I want it so bad.

We have to be realistic, though. It will not happen. Aaron Korsch will probably let them be together in the last second of the last ever episode of the show.

Let me know! Leave a comment down below, find me on Twitter or you can send me an email!



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