Suits – s08 ep 04 – “Revenue Per Square Foot” – Review

Another episode!

This week flew by in the blink of an eye! We are already on episode 4! You can check out my previous reviews here! Episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3!

Now let’s get into it.


Right from the beginning Harvey came out and said: “I’m so gonna pull your pig tales at recess”

And my mind immediately went Full-Boyle:

Risultati immagini per b99 pigtails

Risultati immagini per b99 pigtails

COME ON!!! COULD THEY BE MORE OBVIOUS?!? And can I just say: Harvey admitting he misses Mike is still adorable. Up until now, they’ve mentioned him in every single episode!

And then he is a friend to Louis! And he actually helps him! You go, girl.

Now go to Donna. GO! NOW!

2018-08-09 (4).png


Donna in soft pink is a vision. And her banter with Harvey is still a strong pillar on the show. That being said,

I would happily trade this office/friendship banter with some sexy romantic Darvey flirting.

Please, writers. I’m begging you.

Robert Zane yelling at Donna angered me. SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS. Why do people not listen to her?!

And at the end, she schools Zane!!! She tells him the truth and she SLAYS!!!

The firm would have collapsed a long time ago without her.

It would have gone down in flames. NO DOUBT!


Louis and Sheila are trying to have a baby. With their really really weird foreplay.

And he gets mugged and beaten up! The guy has a gun! WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW?

2018-08-09 (2).png

And he doesn’t want to tell Robert Zane because he is afraid of appearing weak in front of this boss.

In court Louis has a flashback to the assault and has a hallucination: he sees the other lawyer pointing a gun at him and he freaks out. I was not a fan of the scene. It seemed so fake and badly shot. I’m sorry but no.

And Samantha got yelled at as well! So far, two women have been screamed at in this episode!

2018-08-09 (3).png


There was no Katrina on this episode! SAAAAAD!


She gets assigned Louis’ case, since his mugging prevented him from showing up at a meeting with a client.

And now they’re in competition but also working together? The workplace relationship on this show are confusing.



It’s kind of cute she goes to Harvey in order to help Louis! And Harvey invites him to dinner! CUUUUTE!


Alex confronts Harvey about Zane’s promise to put Samantha’s name on the wall. This poor guy. They still haven’t figured out his characters. It’s really simple.

Him and Harvey try to win a case. That’s it. Nothing more to say.

But then Alex flips! Finally some personality showing up! He is not a “Yes man”! WOOOOO!! Let’s go, Alex!!!!

I’ve said it in every single review and I will never get tired of saying it: I LOVE THEY CAN SWEAR! It is literally my favourite thing.

Overall, I was bored. I do not care one bit about Alex and his ascend to name partnership! I’m more intrigued by Samantha. She seems like an interesting character with layers and depth. Which is not what I was expecting.

Being a Darvey fan is not easy and all our hopes have been shattered multiple times and yet… I am still rooting for those two to get together.

Alright… See you next week!

Do you have any thoughts on the episode? Are you still hoping for Darvey to happen? Do you think they ever will?

Leave a comment here, find me on Twitter or you can send me an email!



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