Suits – s08 ep p3 – “Promises, promises” – Review

So… we’re back! I’m late, I know.

My internet started acting out and I had an emotional breakdown.

I enjoyed this episode. Mike and Rachel’s absence is noticeable but they’ve already mentioned him so many times!

Usually, when characters leave a show they move on and the audience knows they would not hear their name again. Case in point, Grey’s Anatomy.

But let’s get into the episode!


Harvey starting off by laying the cards on the table “because we’re partners”. YES!

Soft!Harvey is DA BEST!!! It feels like after that deep plunge his character development took in season 7, he is back on track!

And he is now helping the cleaning lady?! Mike’s influences is all over this bitch! Yaaaaay! Glad to see he isn’t forgotten!

2018-08-05 (1).png

Harvey’s good intent was adorable and NOW DARVEY IS IN THE COPY ROOM TOGETHER?!

Does anyone remember another lovely couple in the archive/copy room?

Risultati immagini per suits mike and rachel copy room

And now he is missing his best bud! This is so soft. I love it.

In season 1 it was all about “What would Harvey do?”, now it is “What would Mike do?” and I’m all here for it.


Finally, Donna appeared! 16 minutes into the episode! WHY SO LATE?!

Seeing Donna following Harvey around the firm made me realise that they are not office neighbours anymore?

There is so little Donna in this episode!!!! WHYYYYYYY?!

But in the scene she was in, SHE SLAYED!!! Wooooo

2018-08-05 (2).png


I love them together! This is the ACTUAL REAL FRIENDSHIP of the show, not Darvey!

Katrina’s migraines are another insight into her character and the different levels of her personality. Even though it seems like she never shows any other emotion rather than strength, I’m so glad to see her softer and more vulnerable side.


Bryan’s life at the firm has been a nightmare and he is probably the best person at Zane Specter Litt. I feel like he is the moral compass of the show.

I’m loving Bryan and Katrina’s relationship! He is married and has a baby: if they make it romantic between the two of them, I’LL RIOT.


What is the point of this divorce thing with Alex and this hateful couple? Just so that he can face off Samantha? Alright.

They have to fight to see who has the right to get their name on the door first.

(A little parenthesis: I’m so jealous of Samantha’s black and white wardrobe! She looks amazing!)

Alex got played!!! But then he grew some balls and destroyed the jackass who framed him. YES, ALEX! More of this please!

2018-08-05 (3).png

Why is Samantha so shady and so uncooperative?! She is definitely not a team player and she has a lot to learn about working as an ensemble.

Some competish between the two of them is ahead!

Well, I actually really really really really really liked this episode. I didn’t think I would. To be fair, I had extremely low expectations for this season and I have to admit I was completely wrong!

I don’t know what changed but it is definitely for the better!

I have a bone to pick: can we please, please, please, PLEASE, let Donna and Harvey be together? It is not that difficult. They have already kissed last season, there is “the other time”, they eye-fuck and frankly it’s time. It’s time for them to be together and to confront their feelings for each other.

Stringing us along, as well as the characters, it’s fucking stupid and the fact that the show-runner (who I will not name) is actively against them being together is depressing. Every single person in the world is rooting for Donna and Harvey to be together and he will not cave. It is the logical next step of the show and he will just not admit it.

Every single person in the world is rooting for Donna and Harvey to be together.

Okay, rant over. I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did.

Did you like Harvey is softer side? Do you think Katrina and Bryan’s relationship will evolve into something romantic? What is your opinion about Alex?

See you next week!



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