The Bold Type Season 1 Review

Attention! This post contains strong language because I was angry and… I can’t help myself.

This show stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy playing three girls working at a feminist fashion magazine. It’s inspired by the life of the former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

I feel like they’re trying to be feminists and not really succeeding. They’re trying to be edgy and again, they are not succeeding.

It is supposed it be a show about empowering women, showing different types of women and yet, we are facing three thin, gorgeous and beautiful ladies working at a fashion magazine. And it’s not empowering. It’s the first episode and they have had a fight, they have judged each other’s decisions and yelled at each other on a subway platform.

Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, and Katie Stevens in The Bold Type (2017)

And they call this feminism? Women empowering each other?

I’m a bit sceptical.

Of course, it’s not easy writing a feminist show and be inclusive: it’s such a broad topic with opposite views within itself. But let’s try not to mix up friendship with feminism. They are two separate things the show might be confusing and overlapping.

Just because they are friends, it doesn’t mean they are feminists.

I’m obviously invested in these women’s lives because it’s what we’re supposed to do.

But the acting is appalling and I’ve come to the conclusion it is badly written.

For example:

  • ep 02: The cliché “I’m yelling about my sex life/ my vagina and a hot guy hears me.”


  • ep 03: name dropping strong female politicians? YES! Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris! Woooo!
  • ep 04

Ok they just did an episode talking about Jane never having had an orgasm and now, literally 40 minutes later, she is reassuring Ryan about how much she enjoyed the previous night.

First of all… why??

Second, why did they resolve it so easily?! This could have been dragged for at least a couple of episode! It makes no sense!

She comes out saying she has never had an orgasm (publicly! On the fashion magazine’s website!) and with the next guy she sleeps with, she is able to climax. Not once but twice, as she highlighted.


  • ep 05: I’m having Grey’s Anatomy Amelia Sheperd’s flashbacks with the power poses!
  • ep 06: Sutton losing the necklaces made no sense. It’s 5000$. PUT IT IN YOUR PURSE! I did like how they portrayed Jane’s struggles with testing for brest cancer very early in a young woman’s life. It was good they shed a light on this.
  • ep 07: The disastrous evening at Richard was terrible in every sense. This weed plot is old. So old. Please stop now. And the Sutton broke up with Richard. I don’t care.
  • ep 09: Less Trump & more immigration talk please.


You are not the news. You’re job is not to cover him. You can protest his policies all you want. I’m super in favour of that, he is a fucking moron. But stop dropping his name! That’s what he wants!

Also, Kat buying a 11.000$ ticket to meet Adina at the airport made me so mad. Sutton was afraid of not being able to live in the city anymore and you spend this amount of money to meet Adina at the Airport because customs doesn’t let her through?

I get your doing a “romantic gesture” but it’s fucking stupid.

  • ep 10: it was so important to talk about sexual assault and rape. I’m glad they are doing it. It was an important episode. I’m not saying it was a well-executed one. But they tried. And that’s also important.

So yeah…. I am not really impressed. It’s not bad. It’s not trash but my main issue is DON’T CALL YOURSELF A FEMINIST SHOW IF YOU ARE NOT ONE.

If you’re tag line is: “Feminism is only our second favourite F-word” and this is what you put on tv, we have got a problem.

I have just started season 2 and I’ll definitely review it as well! Keep your eyes on this space!



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