Suits – s 08 ep 07 – “Sour Grapes” – Review

Another week has gone by and here I am again!





And Louis and Sheila drama.

I am too used to drama-less Michael Schur’s shows and this much yelling and miscommunication is a thing of the past.

Also, Gabriel Macht (Harvey) directed this episode!

Harvey and Donna

The guy who owns the building of Zane Specter Litt is demanding Harvey’s services, just like Donna promised. Except she did not say anything to him. Shit is going down.

4 minutes in and Darvey is already fighting. This episode is going to be hard to watch.

Ohhhh! This poor white rich guy wants to buy building and he needs Harvey Specter to hold his hand.

The fight in the lobby was ugly.

2018-08-31 (6).png

2018-08-31 (7).png

“You think I don’t care about you?”


“You’re in your position because I put you there!”




and it feels like Harvey has learnt nothing. NOTHING. You pompous ass.

“No Harvey. I’m in my position because I fucking earned it!”

Show him who the real boss is, Donna!!! Put him in his place! She is treating him like shit and I’m here for it. He has made bad decision after bad decision and he deserves to be smacked down.

They are purposefully destroying their relationship so it will be impossible for them to come back from this and eventually be together.

And if, at the end of all this nightmare, they do get together, it will be horrendous.

Also, is Donna Robert’s therapist? Why is he bothering her with his Alex shit?

Harvey sort of apologizes to Donna? Is their fight resolved? WE NEED A BETTER CONCLUSION!


Louis and Sheila have a sex phone? Why am I not surprised?!


And of course Louis wants to tell everybody and he does a real weird dance. I love it.


And now he wants to be a midwife. Of course. He is so weird.

Not even halfway through the episode and they are already having problems because Louis would like to raise their future child Jewish. It’s the second time they have mentioned Louis’ fate in the past two season and… where was that from the years 2011 to 2016? Have they literally just discovered character development and adding layers?

Religion was NEVER brought up and now it is fundamental to him.

And then they end up being engaged?! And she asks him!? CUTE!!!

2018-08-31 (2).png

But Sheila wasn’t really pregnant after all! It was a false positive!


Why is there no Katrina in this episode. I am so mad right now.


2018-08-31 (5).png

Good for you! Helping out the boss! With Robert Zane’s vineyard? Whose wine tastes like shit? And there are barrells problems? A country club?

And now this thing is all about race?


But now the country club is against Robert because they gave him some slack and he stepped on their toes… bla bla bla.

Everything works out. Period. Goodbye. Nobody cared about this storyline.


Donna convinces her to help Harvey with the douchebag and more drama!!!

2018-08-31 (3).png

2018-08-31 (4).png

But they end up working together and teaming up. They are becoming a family. *pukes*


(This GIF has become a constant showstopper of my posts and I promise I will stop using it. Even if it perfectly describes my mood).

Nothing happened.

Darvey had a pretty bad fight. Harvey insulted Donna and he was a dick.

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED GRETCHEN and now I love her even more. She referenced Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. LOVE. THE. SHOW.

Anyway, I have no more expectations. I mostly watch it just to vent. It’s like a stress relief.

See you next week! Only 3 episode before the Summer Finale!





13 Reasons Why Season 2 Left Me Confused and Unsatisfied

Attention! The following post contains spoilers on ALL the episodes of “Thirteen Reasons Why” and sensitive topics such as sexual assault, rape and suicide. You’ve been warned!

So, three months after season 2 came out and everybody stopped talking about it, I finally decided to watch it. And it took me almost another month to write this post. It’s been hell.

Let me get something out real quick: I knew it was not going to be as good as the first one. It is a known fact that sequels are worst than its original concept, especially if you only had the first season planned.

Here is the list of all 13 reasons why “13 reasons why” left me confused and unsatisfied:

The Justin Plot hole

how did they not notice this? They thought we would not notice? Justin was Bryce’s best friend and he did not know about the clubhouse? PLEASE.


He is unbearable. I cannot stand him. He is the worst. So annoying and somehow always making the worst decision possible. He sucks and I hate him.

Bryce’s sentence

Bryce’s minimal “sentence” was disheartening. I really thought they were going to show some hope and spread a positive message that horrible crimes such as these are not to be left unpunished. They went with reality and a real depiction of what sadly happens every day.

Chloe’s betrayal of all women

Chloe’s refusal to acknowledge Bryce’s toxic behaviour made me so mad. I hoped she would be strong and speak up, instead she defended him. Her unplanned pregnancy at the end of the last episode was not particularly shocking but hopefully it will lead to an interesting storyline in season 3. That being said, she betrayed women.

I understand not speaking up, of course. Jessica didn’t want to and that’s her choice and it has to be respected. But defending him? NAH.

Hannah’s truths

Hannah recorded the tapes but she didn’t tell the whole truth. She left out her sort of friendship with Bryce, her romance with Zach and more. Why would she do that?

You record cassettes so that the people who pushed you to commit suicide realise what they did and yet, you don’t put everything in them? Was it because the writers needed more material for season 2?

I did not understand that decision.

Hannah’s faults

What really bothered my about this season, is that they blamed Hannah for killing herself. Clay shouts it at her (or rather his own hallucination of her) a one point and I was so pissed off by that.

Clay’s reaction is understandable: he is quite self-centred and he also does not comprehend her decision of taking her own life.

The whole season sees Hannah’s suicide as something she did to other people in her life instead of what it actually was. A girl who was so broken and couldn’t bear to spend any more time on Earth. She didn’t do it to other people, she did it to herself. She killed herself.

THE Bathroom Scene

It was so raw. It was almost as painful as Hannah’s rape scene in the 1st season. It made me sick to my stomach. They wanted to go for the “shock effect” and they did it. It was unbearable to watch.

I know there was a lot of controversy around this particular scene and I perfectly understand why. It was so violent and just thinking about it, makes me shiver.

Jessica & Justin

What. The. Fuck.

I appreciated a lot Justin’s storyline. it was a story of redemption and of forgiveness.

But there is a difference between forgiving someone for not having prevented your rape from happening and kissing him in the locker room. That really bothered me. I just want Jessica to be happy and deal with what was done to her in the most healthy way possible.

Hannah As A Ghost

Why did they do this? Why? It was terrible. I hated it. She died. Stop bringing her back. and what is worse, they brought her back as a figment of Clay’s imagination.


Where are the adults?

I mean! There is almost no honest dialogue between the parents and the kids.

This is the reason the show should be targeted to parents instead of teenagers: by seeing the show they might get a better understanding of what goes on in the life of their children.

Parents could be scared into installing a line of dialogue with their kids.

“Please dream your dreams”

This was the worst line I’ve ever heard on a TV show. It screams sloppy and cheesy writing and I hate it.

Not even Kate Walsh could save this monstrosity.


How can people of all ages get their hands of so many guns? America, you have a problem. Can’t you freaking see it?!

Guns should not circulate this freely!!! #GunControlNow


Yes, Clay again. My hatred for him has to be mentioned twice in this list. He is the worst. I’ve never hated a protagonist as much as I’ve despised him.

Here are my 13 reasons why I thought the show was problematic.

Did you watch it? What did you think about Bryce’s sentence? And about Justin’s road to redemption? Please tell me you hate Clay as much as I do.

Feel free to write me a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!




“I’m in a relationship with Harvey Specter” – Suits – s08 ep 06 – “Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter” – Review

Here I am with another Suits review!!! We’re a little bit over the halfway mark of 8A so four more episodes until the summer finale!

Who knows what will happen!? (Please dont’ let Katrina and Bryan be part of a cheating storyline and please please PLEASE, get Donna and Harvey together.)

I’m still somewhat hopeful regarding Darvey. Should I? No. Why? Because I’ve been disappointed every single time and probably forever will.

Enough chit-chat! Let’s get into the episode!!


Louis asks Harvey to cover a case for him while he tries to procreate with Sheila. The case: a 16-year-old who says one of Louis’ client’s concealers gave her a rash. WHAT IS THIS STORYLINE?! Are they trying to be more, as Brooklyn99’s Captain Holt would say, “awake”?

This girl wants 10 million dollar because a product caused her breakouts?! If everybody did that, the entire cosmetic empire would collapse before our eyes! And this causes tension between Harvey and Louis: they don’t agree on how to proceed and insults are thrown around.

But don’t worry… Dr. Lipschitz is back!!! He is such a great man. In a session with him, Louis suggests Harvey to come with him and lash out their issues with each other.

I’m so happy he wants to see Harvey as a client. Maybe he can actually help him. Not like Paula Agard.

2018-08-23 (1).png

It’s Harvey’s first REAL therapy session! Woooooo! Harvey is envious of Louis! Soft!Harvey is da best.

“Everyone leaves: Mike, Rachel, Jessica, my sister-in-law.”

And guess who is the only person who hasn’t left you? That has stayed by your side for 13 years?

DONNA, you dumbass!

They left the mushy stuff, emotions and feelings for the men and instead gave Donna and Samantha a badass case. YEEEEEEEES!

I thought it was weird that when he brought up the fact that Louis and Harvey have a relationship, Louis said: “Can I be the boy?” Ehm? Excuse me? What does that mean?

Aside from that, the adorable moments between the two friends were great. I’m so happy the writers are focusing on aspects such as these.


Donna is trying to find a way to give back and to get a lawyer to help out.

Samantha volunteers and the tension is here! Her and Donna working together?! Great! (Don’t make it weird, please.) She wants to make good with Donna. Personally, I don’t trust her even if she gave 5 million dollars to her. (and spoiler alert… I was wrong).

Donna is going to the gala for her charity and she looks amazing! (Duh). Not a fan of the pink/red combo, though. Her flirting with Samantha was fun! If it turns into a nice friendship, I’ll be super glad.

And a first happens on the show: maybe this time Donna is not completely right.

2018-08-23 (2).png

Samantha meddles with the charity because it might not be 100% transparent. Which is not! And the two women team up, push the CEO to resign and hire Donna’s friend back.

Two great women solving cases and being in a nice friendship! YAY!



And now she has to fight to make senior partner. Girl, you can do it!


If the friendship between Katrina and Bryan turns romantic, I’m gonna lose it.

Legit lose it.


Alex was basically a postman, delivering messages from one person to another. And that’s okay. We needed more Katrina!

Here we are! It was a really nice episode! A lot more character driven, compared to other seasons and episodes.

Did you like Harvey and Louis’ journey to a healthy friendship? And what about Donna and Samantha? Do you think Katrina and Bryan will become more than friends? Will you be as angry as I will be?

Feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!



“You’re not the only one who loved her.” – The Affair – Season 4 Review

This post contains spoilers for all 4 seasons of The Affair and season 2 of “This is Us”!

First words I said after the recap at the beginning:

“I don’t remember season 3.”

And I don’t! I have no idea what happened! I remember Noah sleeping with a French person because I hated her and… Cole was married to Luisa, Helen started dating Vic and I have no idea what Alison was up to.

Then there was some prison stuff and maybe some other stuff about Alison’s daughter’s father’s real identity. I know. It’s confusing.

This new season has been a really emotional rollercoaster.

I was not that excited to watch it because season 3 was real bad. And yet, here I am!

But in season 4, Helen, Vic and Noah have moved to Los Angeles and Cole, Luisa and Alison share custody of Joanie. All the main characters are trying to survive and to keep on living, whether in their new marriages or while trying to find a new place in society.

Noah is completely unable to exists without having a weird and completely inappropriate relationship. And after the first minutes, I was reminded of how much I despise Noah. Even in his own recollection of the events, he manages to come out as an asshole. He always remembers people being impressed by him, people adoring him and I hate him. I really do.

The Affair (2014)

The writing is wonderful on this show. The way these people are depicted and seen through each other’s eyes is brilliant. They are deeply flawed and the conversations sound so real! I forgot how much I loved this show.

Halfway through the season we learn that Vic has cancer. He does not want to seek treatment and what is most devastating is Helen’s reaction to this news and her struggles of coping with it. Maura Tierney gave a spectacular performance. She is truly magnificent.

Speaking of great women, Ruth Wilson! Alison starts dating again. She meets Ben, an ex soldier with PTSD and they start some sort of relationship, only to later find out that he is married.

Like every season, there are snippets of a future event being showed in every episode and this year, it seems that Cole and Noah are teaming up to find Alison, who has disappeared. And now onto the big plot twist and big reveal:

Alison died

In episode 8 we see Cole and Noah going on a road trip to find Alison, who in ep 6 met her long-lost father and discovered her mother was raped by him when she was young.

Finally, they do find her. They are told she was found in the ocean, dead.

The Affair (2014)

What captivated me the most was Joshua Jackson. Episode 8 was a masterpiece and his performance was incredible. I knew he was a good actor. I’ve always known it. But this time, he was at his best.

His reaction when he sees Alison’s body in the coroner’s room was so painfully raw and intense.

Joshua made a joke out of it, posting on Instagram he was coming for James Van Der Beek’s title as best crying face.

Jokes aside, it was beautiful and so painful. Rebecca-Pearson-seeing-Jack’s-body painful.

Episode 9 really played the double point of view. As you know, the show is told from the perspective of the characters and we see how one event is perceived differently by them. But here the writers went the other mile. They told us the same event in two opposite versions, both from Alison’s point of view. The other characters were told the cause of death was drowning, but we, the audience, know what really happened between Alison and Ben, her murderer (who is at her funeral in episode 10 by the way).

I’ve interpreted as what she had wished had happened versus what actually happened. I don’t know if it is true, but when Cole sees Alison’s body at the morgue, there are the rests of a bandaid on her finger. And in the second point of view of episode 9 she cuts herself. It might be nothing but that’s what I thought.

The Affair (2014)

To sum up, I really really liked this season. From Helen’s weird-ass trip to the desert with Sierra (the neighbour with whom she AND Vic slept with. Separately, BTW.) and her problematic relationship with her in-laws to Luisa’s need for independence and Cole’s own trip to California to find out what who he really wants.

It was a beautiful season slightly ruined by some behind-the-scenes drama which you can read here and here.

I just want to say: killing of a female character because she has reached self-empowerment is anti-feminist and stupid. I’m disappointed. Had they killed her off for dramatic purposes only, it would have been bad. But not as bad as this.

That’s it! The Affair has been renewed for a 5th and final season! I can’t wait to see how the story is going to end!

Did you like the finale? Were you devastated by Alison’s death? Do you have Noah as much as I do?

Feel free to write a comment or tweet at me or even send me an email!