Suits – s08 ep 02 – “Pecking Order” – Review

Episode 2 is here!

I can’t believe it has been a week since the premiere!

I’m a little bit late with the review. I’ve been binging the second season of “13 Reasons Why” and I wanted to get over with it as soon as possible.

But now it’s Suits Time!


Just saying but as soon as Samantha mentioned Donna, Harvey almost bit her head off.



2018-07-27 (1).png

This scene was a showstopper. WOW. It was hilarious! I’m so grateful USA NETWORK and NBC are letting them use swear words and more explicit sexual content!

And Louis reaching out for the pillow while talking to Dr. Lipschitz . WHY IS THIS SEASON SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE?! What happened in season 7?! Did everyone have a stroke and forgot how to write a decent storyline?

That being said… I’m not a huge fan of Sheila. She has been manipulating Louis for a long time. It seems like she is forcing her views on him and it’s toxic. I’m not a fan of this.

The person I am a fan of is Dr. Lipschitz.

Finally a good depiction of a therapist!!! (I’m talking about you, Dr Agard. Yes. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still so upset about this.)

I’m happy Sheila came to her sense at the end. I am not that invested in their relationship because it’s something we have seen a million times before in television and a lot of confrontation is ahead.


2018-07-27 (3).png

Donna and Gretchen’s interaction in the bathroom (basically the only room where everything happens) made me so happy! Gretchen is a great character and I wished she was featured more in the episodes.

I like that Donna is more and more comfortable as COO of the firm as the show goes on. I think her authority will definitely be challenged not only by Samantha but also from other companies and clients.

Also, where are my Darvey scenes, people?!?

2018-07-27 (4).png


I’m interested in Samantha’s character. She sounds like a meaner and more ruthless version of Season1!Harvey.

She was so busy doing what’s best for the firm and on the other hand, Harvey is the Mike of the situation, which shows his character development.

2018-07-27 (2).png

Her fight with Donna (again, in the bathroom) left me a bit doubtful and not sure where their relationship is going. I thin their respective power is being challenged by the other and it will not be a smooth sailing from here on out.

I’m looking forward to see the chaos she is going to bring to Pearson Zane Specter Litt.


His plot was useless. Please, exploit Dulè Hill’s acting abilities. He is great.


Same thing for Katrina. She had such a good episode last week!

So here we are!

It’s been a lot better than season 7. THANK YOU, TV GODS.

This feels like Suits, not some screwed up version of it. I’m not kidding. Season 7 was a disgrace. It was terrible from all sides. Every single episode left me unbelievably angry and disappointed.

Of course, I can see the show to go down the rabbit hole and screwing up in a million different ways, but I hope they learnt something from it’s previous mistakes.

I have a nice Michael Schur quote I would like to add, but I’ve talked about him and his genius creations enough. I’ll let this one go.

Until next time! See you Suitors!



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