Suits – s08 ep 01 – “Right-Hand Man” – Season Premiere Review

It’s here.

Three months after Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle left Pearson Specter Litt, “Suits” is back.

A new character plus two new series regulars and a new intro. (Thank you, TV Gods for not changing the music or I would have straight up cried.).

If I’m being honest, I haven’t been that excited about this season. Season 7 was a clusterfuck and extremely disappointing. Not just for us Darvey shippers but for anyone with a brain and even an amateurish decent understanding of storytelling.

But enough about that! Let’s turn a new leaf!

(That’s bullshit, I’ll never forget it and I’m still pissed off.)

Before this, I wrote about my very little hopes and dreams for season 8. Feel free to check it out and tell my any opinion you might having going into this new chapter of the show’s life.

Anyway… let’s start with the positive! They honoured Rachel right of the bat! Yay! The show will never be the same without her and Mike…


I promised myself I was NOT going to yell as much as last season and I have already broken that promise.


If you start doing some crazy shit like you did in the season 7 premiere, I’ll fucking punch you.

Anyway, it’s day 1 with his partnership with Robert Zane and they are already fighting.

And now he is having PTSD because Mike left. Probably. I don’t know… his characterisation has had some deeeeeeeep flaws.

Donna told him to go back to being a kickass lawyer in the field instead of staying behind a desk and pushing paperwork around: 10 minutes later he is in front of Robert Zane telling him he was right.



Her and Harvey’s banter is so season 1… and I kind of love it.

Also: THE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN THEM! Stop eye-fucking each other!

And let’s remind ourselves: Donna knows everything and she is superior being who can fix everyone.

And I’m absolutely loving the camaraderie that they are forming between Donna and Katrina. They are two badass women who often don’t see eye to eye on matters and so I’m curious to see how that is going to be inserted in the following episodes.


Louis is giving up his cats?! WHAT?! NOOOOO!!!

And my joyful gasp of happiness when I heard Louis swearing! YES! I’m so glad USA NETWORK is finally allowing them to swear!

And his advice to Alex at the end was a good one. I love the character development he has undergone during the seasons.

Not to mention sticking up for Brian.


I’m always happy to see Dulè Hill on my screen and I’m so glad Alex has become a recurring character.

That being said… I feel like he is irrelevant. They still haven’t found his voice and it seems like he is there just to make an appearance one or twice without any significance.

I’m being pretty harsh but I hope they’ll give him room to grow.

One more thing: seeing Dulé so serious is destabilising! But he is great at it! (I’m gonna go watch Psych for a little bit)


Katrina is back!!! Yaaaaaaay! I love her! Her relationship with Louis is the funniest thing ever.

This episode truly shined a light on her and her characterisation and I loved it. Brian told her that she’s cold and stone hearted but I’m glad the writers have decided to show her softer side, and the emotional component she felt in the firing of 10 of her colleagues.

And the Game Of Thrones reference! LOVE IT!


Sooo… the opening credits were at least accurate. Samantha is a boxer. And she is also Robert Zane’a right-hand man.

She is ruthless, extremely loyal to Robert and has an amazing monochromatic wardrobe.

To be fair, she seems like an interesting character and she has had great lines so far. I’m open to the idea of liking her (which is something I didn’t consider before). She is a lot like Harvey and I’m praying to the Lords of Tv that they won’t pair her off with him. Please don’t do it! Please. Don’t.

Overall, it has been a pretty uneventful episode. Sure, some drama between the farm and its lawyers, but I was expecting a twist at the end. I was expecting a big plot twist between Harvey and Donna and I’m disappointed but not surprised. After all, the episode is written by Aaron Korsh. I’m like, what was I expecting??

I miss Mike. Even though I was little bit tired his moral complex and him in general. But I really really miss him already and it’s only been one episode. Also let’s keep in mind every single Darvey shipper has left the show so our chances of seeing them together are even lower.

Alright! This is it. An eventful episode with a lot of sexual tension between Donna and Harvey, some rivalry, quarrels, friendships and yadi yadi.

I guess I’ll see you next week.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode. I genuinely want to know other people’s feelings about it.



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