The Affair, 12 Monkeys, The Crown and Queer Eye – Tv Shows I’m Bringing With Me On Holiday – Part 2

You thought I was done?You thought I would only bring 4 shows on a 3-week-trip?P.L.E.A.S.E!!!! I’m a professional.In case you missed it, you can also read part 1!Here is the rest of my list of TV shows I’m bringing with me to the beach!

THE AFFAIR,0,666,1000_AL_.jpgI’m not actually bringing it all with me because it’s still airing… I’ve been following the show since season 1 and it’s been a rollercoaster. I loooooved season 1. I thought it was so clever, sexy and intriguing.Starring Joshua Jackson, Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Maura Tierney, the show is about a tumultuous affair that shakes up a small town. What I loved about it, was the different points of view. We see that an event is experienced in a completely different way depending on who is telling the story.I’ve actually reviewed the show back in 2016! You can read it here!


12 Monkeys Poster
12 Monkeys – Season 3

Season 4 is back, y’all!!! I am so excited and thankfully, they decided to make it a 4 weeks event so last Friday three episodes came out, this Friday another 3 will come out and so on!It’s been 4 seasons and I still don’t understand what is going on. Literally no clue. I’m sad the show is over but it would have been nonsensical to keep it going for more episodes. I just want James and Cassie to be happy… and for the universe not to collapse.

The Crown PosterTHE CROWN

I haven’t finished watching the second season of this Netflix show. I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to say goodbye to Claire Foy and Matt Smith. I love them too much.I only have two episodes left. I don’t want it to end!!! Also, if you want to check it out, my very first impression of the first episode of season 1!


Risultati immagini per queer eye season 2 posterIT’S BACK!!! Queer Eye is back and I live for this. It’s so queer and I am obsessed! I never saw the older version but this one is amazing. The Fab 5 are a group of gay men that try to improve straight people’s lives by remodelling their house, their habits, their wardrobe, their attitude and their self-care. And the stories!!!!! The stories are amazing! Even in a makeover show, they talk about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, coming out, accepting ourselves as we are, being more confident and so much more! I love the guys! Antoni, Jonathan, Bobby, Tan and Karamo are adorable, super hot, super fashionable and I want them to be best friends with me.

… I think this is it…These are the shows I am definitely taking with me to the beach. I’m also considering “The Handmaid’s Tale” because I’m still on ep 3 of season 1 and I HAVE TO watch it.Depiste this, have you got any recommendation for me? Are there any shows you think more people should watch? Let me know!xxxGeorgia

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