First Impressions: The Alienist & Riverdale

I’m back with another round of first impressions!

I did one of these “series” in January of this year. I love finding new tv shows to watch and so I reviewed the pilots I watched based only on the first impression I had of them.

It was lots of fun and so I decided to do this again! I’ll be watching some new shows in the next couple of weeks in my beach holiday and it was the perfect opportunity to write part 2 of the series.

So… Here we goooooo!!


The Alienist PosterAired on TNT, The Alienist is a psychological thriller about psychologist Lazlo Kreisler, illustrator John Moore and secretary to the NYPD Sara Howard who investigate a series of murders in late 19th century New York City. It is particularly gruesome because these murders involved children who worked as boy prostitutes in brothels.

I loved the premisis. I truly did but I was not a fan of the acting. I thought it was stale and weird. I can’t pinpoint what it is that actually bothered me but I thought it was forced.

Maybe it was the dialogue or the acting itself but althought the story captured me completely, those issues could not be left unnoticed.

The creepy atmosphere of the show was perfect. I loved the smoke-filled and dusty rooms setting.

I like it, don’t get me wrong. I’m interested in it but there is still something off about it. Something that keeps the show fom unleashing its full potential.


Riverdale poster posterI am so ashamed.

I told myself so many times that I would not start watching Riverdale, that I had standards, that it was a waste of time.

So here I am, reviewing its pilot.

Broadcast by The CW, Riverdale is about a small town in America that is shocked by the death of a teenager and the consequent unveiling of all its citizens’ secrets.

It’s so trash, the acting is truly awful: it’s really bad, people. Middle school recital bad. No, scratch that. Even worse. I hate it. Pretty Little Liars had better actors. Yes, you’ve heard right: Pretty. Little. Liars.

Despite all of this… I can’t help but love it. It’s so good and so bad. I know it may sound confusing. You are compelled to know what happens next. You can’t take your eyes off the screen for a second that you’ll miss some stupid clue. I am desperate to know what ridiculous plot they are going to invent and I’m living for it.

And the romantic relationships! Some healthier than I expected but they can’t be all Mike Schurs, right?


Keep your eyes on this platform. I’ll be writing a review on the show’s first season and I’ll post it soon.

So… I might not have found the next big TV show in these two but at least I was entertained. Especially by Riverdale. SO TRASHY.

Let me know your thoughts on either of these shows. I’d love to chat about them. You can find me here, or on Twitter or you can send me an email!



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