Brooklyn Nine-Nine At San Diego’s Comic Con


NBC hasn’t aired an episode yet and it has already done more publicity to the show than FOX in 5 years.

I love NBC right now. Home of the best comedy TV shows ever aired.

There was a panel, loads of interview and Q&A! In case you missed them, here are all the ones I have found!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Comic-Con Panel 2018 Highlights (Digital Exclusive)

I haven’t watched it yet. I need to be in the right state of mind otherwise I’ll cry like a baby foom beginning to end.

(I am sure I’ll end up crying anyway.)

‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ Cast on Being Saved by NBC | Comic-Con 2018 | TVLine

Comic-Con 2018: Andy Samberg Makes A Plea For Bruce Willis To Guest Star On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Season 6 Comic Con Cast Interviews

One more interview by Entertainment Weekly and the live Facebook interview with some of the cast!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine squad teases new season in victory lap at Comic-Con

So much happened at Comic Con and I could not be happier. The show was finally celebrated as it truly deserved, there was so much love from fans (even Mark Hamill in incognito at the panel)

I am so happy for them. And I cannot wait for season 6 to air in 2019 ON FORKING NBC!!!!




Suits – s08 ep 02 – “Pecking Order” – Review

Episode 2 is here!

I can’t believe it has been a week since the premiere!

I’m a little bit late with the review. I’ve been binging the second season of “13 Reasons Why” and I wanted to get over with it as soon as possible.

But now it’s Suits Time!


Just saying but as soon as Samantha mentioned Donna, Harvey almost bit her head off.



2018-07-27 (1).png

This scene was a showstopper. WOW. It was hilarious! I’m so grateful USA NETWORK and NBC are letting them use swear words and more explicit sexual content!

And Louis reaching out for the pillow while talking to Dr. Lipschitz . WHY IS THIS SEASON SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE?! What happened in season 7?! Did everyone have a stroke and forgot how to write a decent storyline?

That being said… I’m not a huge fan of Sheila. She has been manipulating Louis for a long time. It seems like she is forcing her views on him and it’s toxic. I’m not a fan of this.

The person I am a fan of is Dr. Lipschitz.

Finally a good depiction of a therapist!!! (I’m talking about you, Dr Agard. Yes. I haven’t forgotten you. I’m still so upset about this.)

I’m happy Sheila came to her sense at the end. I am not that invested in their relationship because it’s something we have seen a million times before in television and a lot of confrontation is ahead.


2018-07-27 (3).png

Donna and Gretchen’s interaction in the bathroom (basically the only room where everything happens) made me so happy! Gretchen is a great character and I wished she was featured more in the episodes.

I like that Donna is more and more comfortable as COO of the firm as the show goes on. I think her authority will definitely be challenged not only by Samantha but also from other companies and clients.

Also, where are my Darvey scenes, people?!?

2018-07-27 (4).png


I’m interested in Samantha’s character. She sounds like a meaner and more ruthless version of Season1!Harvey.

She was so busy doing what’s best for the firm and on the other hand, Harvey is the Mike of the situation, which shows his character development.

2018-07-27 (2).png

Her fight with Donna (again, in the bathroom) left me a bit doubtful and not sure where their relationship is going. I thin their respective power is being challenged by the other and it will not be a smooth sailing from here on out.

I’m looking forward to see the chaos she is going to bring to Pearson Zane Specter Litt.


His plot was useless. Please, exploit Dulè Hill’s acting abilities. He is great.


Same thing for Katrina. She had such a good episode last week!

So here we are!

It’s been a lot better than season 7. THANK YOU, TV GODS.

This feels like Suits, not some screwed up version of it. I’m not kidding. Season 7 was a disgrace. It was terrible from all sides. Every single episode left me unbelievably angry and disappointed.

Of course, I can see the show to go down the rabbit hole and screwing up in a million different ways, but I hope they learnt something from it’s previous mistakes.

I have a nice Michael Schur quote I would like to add, but I’ve talked about him and his genius creations enough. I’ll let this one go.

Until next time! See you Suitors!



Podcasts: What I’ve Been Listening To

I can’t believe that now I’m that person who is always talking about the podcasts they are listening to.

And yet… here we are!

I started getting into podcasts thanks to the guys at “Pod Save America” and I love them!

I usully listen to them in the car: I can’t connect my phone to the car so I just leave it on the dash board. Or when I’m cooking and I can’t stare at a screen, I get my speaker out and blast Jon Lovett’s hilarious rants on the highest volume available.


Risultati immagini per pod save america logoI’ve been listening to Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor and Dan Pfeiffer’s bi-weekly podcasts for a long time. I’m not that consistent. At times it gets too much. Too specific for a non-american person.

But it is the only podcast whose adds are probably it’s best parts. They are so good.

And in true Crooked Media fashion…

Pod Save America is….. a better way to have a no bullshit conversation about politics.


Immagine correlataThe second Crooked Media podcasts in this list. It’s my favourite.

Jon is so funny, passionate and unapologetic. This Baby Boomers rants are THE BEST and the issues they discuss with a rich and extremely diverse group of panellists are so relevant and important. I get to learn about different problems while having a good laugh.

I’ve listened to every single episode ever released and I cannot recommend it enough.

The Good Place: The Podcast

Risultati immagini per the good place podcastSomehow this show escaped me. I started watching it after season 2 ended. I purpsefully waited until it was over to binge watching in one sitting.

And now they have relseased a podcasts! It’s hoste by Marc Evan Jackson, who plays Shawn on The Good Place and Kevin, the love of Capt. Raymond Holt’s life on Brooklyn99. (And Mr Sapertein’s lawyer on Parks and Rec.).

His soothing and deep voice is perfect! It’s relaxing and the conversations are extremely interesting and insightful, especially regarding the behind-the-scenes of the show.

The first episode has Parks and Rec and The Good Place’s creator and Brooklyn99’s co-creator Michael Schur. There was never any doubt he was an interesting person and after this, I am further convinced of this.

I love getting to know how a show like “The Good Place” comes to life and I love it.

If you’re interested into the show or you want to know more about casting, producing and writing a tv show, it’s definitely the podcast for you.

Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any recommendations? Are you obsessed as I am about US politic?

Leave a comment down below, find me on Twitter or you can send me an email!




Silicon Valley season 5 Review

I can’t believe you’re already done with Silicon Valley!

8 weeks flew by in no time!

I loved this season. After all the drama about T.J. Miller leaving and whatnot, the writers and producers made it work even better than before. The show is even more ridiculous than ever.

Mike Judge and Alec Berg created such an interesting and absolutely hilarious show with extremely awkward characters.

Richard faces so many difficulties, with people trying to stop him from achieving his dreams. From Gavin Belson to Jian Yang and Laurie Bream, it seems like the Pied Piper guys will never manage a single second of tranquility.


The rivalry between Dinesh and Gilfoyle is one of the show’s strength and it is freaking hilarious. They are both so competitive and so mean to each other! As Jared pointed out at some point during the show, they are each other’s best friends. Even if they are constantly trying to sabotage ach other.

In this season there is the recurring theme of Dinesh’s TESLA. He bought it and he is weirdly obsessed with it! After Gilfoyle builds his own environmentally conscious car and it’s a mess.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 gilfoyle tesla

Absolutely fantastic.

And then his obsession of being the Tesla guy in the office!


Richard and his octopipers are trying to launch his new internet and he inadvertently outs one of the companies’ CEO’s christian faith. The irony is so funny. In such a liberal place like Silicon Valley, being christian is highly frowned upon.


When Richard gives Jared the job of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Jared starts crying out of happiness, my heart was so full. Jared loves Richard so much. He would literally do anything for him. He is completely and utterly devoted to him. Not to mention that Jared’s one liners are the most hilarious things on the show.


Gavin Belson not noticing his signature looks like a penis is the funniest thing ever. It was such an Silicon Valley iconic moment.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 gavin belson box

The look on the executive’s faces was priceless.

Nobody had the courage to tell him and rather than doing against him, they’d rather have genitals on their stupid box.



That was terrifying. I was terrifying by her. It was Westworld come to live. The robots are coming!!!

It stared the shit out of me.

that, and Jared’s lips.

Risultati immagini per silicon valley season 5 jared

Speaking of, his attachment to her was so creepy! He had all that emotional tension building up and needed an outlet.

With that and his emotional abuse on Holden, Richard’s new assistant and his weird habit of coming in early to clean for the custodians, Jared was the comedy pillar of this season.



BITCOINS!!! I don’t understand it! I immediately felt the need to watch John Oliver’s deep dive into the matter.

Immagine correlata

I don’t get it, it sounds extremely risky but here we go!

And this gave Monica more screen time and her friendship with Gilfoyle was hilarious!

I love this season. I loved it.

I am so glad it is nominated for outstanding comedy at the Emmys this year. I’m not so happy that Zach Woods wasn’t nominated. I’ve said it so many times in this post. I wanted him to be nominated.

Anyway, if you are not up to date, catch up on this season! It’s marvelous!

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