“Rise” Season 1 Review

I talked about “Rise” when it premiered, around 12 weeks ago.

It’s about a teacher, some drama students and their production of the musical “Spring Awakening”, a quite dark and raw play that deals with drugs, sex and other elements that are deemed “inappropriate” for a high school performance.


I wasn’t too positive in my review. I praised some great elements, like the diverse cast, the LGBTQ+ representation (especially the transgender one) and the overall themes of the series.

The acting and some choices that were made didn’t really sit well with me. As well as the dialogue.

It felt stiff and unrealistic. Like when Ted (I can’t remember his nam… Lou? Well, the guy played by Josh Radnor) tells his son: “You’re my boy” in a weird, kind of gangster way… He sounded like Schmidt from New Girl.

I looooove the message they were trying to send: you can’t censure art, you can be whoever you want to be, people can’t put you in a box, high school is hard but you have to be strong… They are all wonderful and empowering messages but the final product had glitches: the acting, the dialogue, the acting again… It felt off.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

Towards the end, it got better, or maybe I got accustomed to it. I don’t know. But I was sad it got cancelled. (NBC I still love you. You saved Brooklyn99. You da best.)

Not surprised. But sad.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

I would have probably watched another season, if they had made some changes and improved a little bit.

The songs got stuck in my head, by the way. And I definitely want to see the complete musical, but I think the adjective that sums it up and perfectly describes it, is stiff.

Something wasn’t clicking and despite the super positive and important messages, it didn’t make the cut.

Did you see “Rise”? Did you like it? Have you ever heard of “Spring Awakening”, because now I am intrigued!

Let me know! You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads and Tumblr!



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