UnREAL Season 3 Review

I can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed the season of “unREAL”.

Right from the first episode I got super into it and the main reason was one of the contestants.

First of all, let me explain what the show is about: it’s the behind-the-scenes of a show similar to “The Bachelor”and the lives, intrigues and problems of the people behind the camera as well as those who actually appear on this reality shows.

What made me so excited and eager to watch the show was, like I mentioned, one of the contestants: Alexi, played by Alex Sparrow.

Alex Sparrow is a Russian singer director and actor that we used to watch clips of him and of his music videos on YouTube in school.

Even five years ago he was a celebrity in Russia and we watched his rendition of “Kalinka” on YouTube during class and we read articles about him in the Russian magazine we used to get.

I couldn’t believe when I saw his name in the credits and I saw him coming out of the limousine in the first episode. It’s been the highlight of my Tuesday evening.


Now come on let’s go back to the show: this season has been quite interesting. Instead of a male bachelor, Serena is the protagonist of this reality show and she has to choose between 20 guys and find true love.

Quinn, the head producer, is trying to become even more powerful in the entertainment business.

Rachel has come back and she’s trying to live her life with as much honesty as she can, trying not to lie both in her private life and on the job. She is dealing with that pretty heavy childhood trauma and helping her father escape from her mother’s control.

The show is full of bad people doing horrible things for their own personal gain. The storyline and what happens on the show is completely ridiculous but so fun to watch!

One of my friends keeps telling me that I shouldn’t waste my time watching it because it’s too ridiculous but it’s fantastic!

The finale itself was fantastic. I loved it so much.

Serena deciding not to choose any of the two remaining suitors, Quinn letting Rachel go and entering a somewhat healthy relationship with Chet, Rachel finally getting her cabin, in the middle of nowhere and working of getting better.

It was a great season. So much better than season 2. (It wasn’t the best. Sorry.)

And…… I’ve seen the preview for season 4 and it’s…


It looks like Rachel is the suitress, Alexey is back, Quinn was holding a baby… I’m so excited!!!!

We probably won’t be seeing it until 2019, but I’ve got something to look forward to!

Have you seen the show? Did you like season 3?

Let me know! You can tweet at me at @georgiasblog1!



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