Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05 ep 21 – “White Whale” – Review


Wow. Just… Wow.

It’s been a weird week, people. Brooklyn99 got cancelled and 36 hours later moved to another network and renewed for a sixth season. I wrote all about it in my post (I won’t be humble) spectacularly and accurately titled: A Rollercoaster of Emotion. AND IT WAS!

But enough with that! Let’s talk about the latest episode! (One more thing… You suck FOX).

White Whale sees Amy and Rosa trying to catch a criminal they have been chasing for years and years, Jake and Terry trying to plan the last details of the Peraltiago-Wedding and the Captain faces his current nemesis Olivia Crawford.


Hitchcock coming in and whining because people are disgusted by him when they realise he is a cop was confusing…. until Jake points out that he has had his genitals on display for the entire time… The delivery was amazing, Dirk Blocker is hilarious!

Amy and Rosa’s Friendship

Let’s get straight into it. I’ve sai it multiple times and I’ll say it again. THE FRIENDSHIPS ON THIS SHOW ARE MASTERPIECES.

Despite their opposite personalities, Amy and Rosa have always been a team, they are friends and they have each other’s back, both at work and in their personal lives.

Rosa wasn’t disappointed because Amy let the perp go, she was angry because her friend didn’t tell her the truth. The camaraderie they have is perfect.

I can’t help but compare Brooklyn99’s friendships to the Parks and Rec ones. Both shows portray amazing relationships between woman and it’s inspiring.

Also…. Amy and Rosa in the main storyline was perfect!!!

Jake’s Groom Gut

While Amy and Rosa are off fighting crime, Jake and Terry are trying to follow Amy’s overly complicated and totally adorable wedding week binder.

With the catchphrase, “Do you think I’m planning a funeral?”, the plot became even funnier.

And let’s not forget:

Jake’s Fear

I loved that they talked about what being a good husband is, and that Jake actively participated in the decisions and actually cared.

They portray men in a positive way, galaxies away from even an inch of toxic masculinity. All the men have such a rich tapestry (*) of feeling that are actually shown not as a weakness but as a strength.

I love that they rendered obsolete the trope of men not liking marriage and feeling trapped in it. Jake literally can’t wait to marry Amy, Terry is constantly talking about how much he loves his family, Holt and his husband are perfect together and Charles, even if not married, is perfectly content with Genevieve. He is the one in the relationship that wishes they would get married.

I adore that they put such a positive note on this topic, without EVER giving it a negative connotation.

Scully and Hitchcock

Them assembling Jake and Amy’s gift bag was hilarious! And then Terry feeding them candies!!!! I laughed so much!


Immagine GIF


NBC has announced the schedule for the fall and it looks like the 13 episodes of Brooklyn99’s sixth season will start airing mid-season! So probably in January 2019!

I know, it’s a bummer but at least we’ll get a new season!

I would love nothing more than to chat about Brooklyn99, the turmoil that just happened and more!

Also, I have tumblr now!! Hit me up! (it sucks and I haven’t had time to fix it, but I basically only post about B99!). I’m much more comfortable on Twitter, so follow me!

I don’t mean to promote myself like this. I really just want to chat about tv shows. It’s basically the only thing my mind can think about. 



(*) Thanks SNL’s sketch with Kristen Stewart for teaching me his word!

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