Brooklyn Nine-Nine – s05 ep 19 – “Bachelor/ette Party” – Review

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this on Monday, posted it late and then, for whatever reason, WordPress deleted it. So I’m reposting it again! Enjoy!

It’s Monday again!!! And this means one and only ONE thing: another episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine.



  • Jake with his special jacket he “only wears for special occasions”
  • The “bach boys”
  • Loose Captain Holt with Kangol Hat (in casual wear)

2018-05-01 (1).png

  • An event 10 years in the making (even if Jake only met Amy 8 years before)
  • The Fanny packs (“Let’s fanny up, Bach Boys”)
  • Holt “Woo, woo”-ing



The adorable forehead scene wasn’t in the episode and even if I’m a little bit disappointed because I had been looking forward to that for weeks, they were adorable.

Jake shouting “I’m getting married!” and Amy worrying what he might think of her for sleeping with the band leader only to then remember Jake Peralta was her fiancé and he would only make fun of her relentlessly, were adorable.

I truly love them. It’s a healthy, mature and supporting relationship that is rarely seen on TV. It might be a little bit unrealistic? NAH. WHOEVER SAID THAT WAS A MORON.

Sorry… I still have residual anger from the Suits Finale.

Anyway, I love them and I can’t wait for them to get married and for Brooklyn 99 to get renewed.


I looooove Gina! She is so mean and crazy and crazy again. In this episode she tried not to make fun of Amy and barely made it through.


I mean!!!! It was hilarious! Only Boyle would so something so cringy and think it looked cool. We love you, Charles. Never stop being you.


From the title you get the impression that the episode is about Amy and Jake’s bachelor and bachelorette party but it’s all about friendships.

Charles unconditional love for Jake is one of the best things about the show. He loves him so much. He even calls him his “idol”. But at the same time, they acknowledge that after Jake and Amy get married, things will change a little bit. Just like they did when Charles and Genevieve got together and when they adopted Nikolaj.

That doesn’t mean their friendship is not important. It’s still a strong bond between them.

On top of that, the support and love that Rosa, Gina and Kylie give to Amy is refreshing and, for Brooklyn99, not surprising. In my opinion, strong friendships are a staple of Mike Schur and Dan Goor’s comedy series. Just think of Parks and Rec.

They show the world great, healthy, supportive and true friendships between women AND men can be. Without drama, pettiness and jealousy.

Which is why this is one of my favourite shows of all time.


I have no regrets b99.gif

And last but not least….


Don’t you just love him?? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

With only 2 episodes before the season finale (IT’S THE WEDDING, Y’ALL!!!) and Fox’s announcement about the renewal of the show, I’m in a bundle of nerves!!!

Who cares about Uni and other life problems?! I NEED MORE 99!!!

Like I said in my last post, please, tweet at “@FOXTV” and use the hashtags “#RenewB99”, “RenewBrooklyn99” and “RenewBrooklynNineNine”. We all need a 6th season and if enough people politely demand it, it is more likely to happen.




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