Black-ish Season 4 Review

Black-ish PosterI haven’t talked much about Black-ish but I’ve been watching it for around a year and I really really like it.

If you’re not familiar with it, Black-ish airs on ABC and it is about a the everyday life of an african-american family in Los Angeles.

Dre and Bow have been together for a 20 years, they have a happy marriage and at he beginning of season 4, they have just welcomed their 5th child.

Starting off with a musical episode titled “Juneteenth”, Black-ish tackles important issues and social problems with irony and laughter.

Right in episode 2, they talk about postpartum depression and the struggles new mothers go through after having a child. It’s a wonderful episode. Dre tries to help his wife come to term with the difficulties she is facing. It is something that is not often talked about and I was so glad they decided to shine a light on it.

Then a hilarious monopoly centred episode, Dre’s diabetes, having “the talk” with your children and they get a dog.

I have to mention episode 14 called “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. It’s a fantastic 20 minute deep dive on the differences between how women and men are treated regarding their sexuality and being sexually active. The reactions are literally opposite. If a boy loses his virginity, he is celebrated and he “becomes a man”, but it is a girl who becomes sexually active, it’s something shameful. In the episode they try to demystify this idiotic prejudices and send a positive message about sex.

And they render homage to Jordan Peele’s Oscar Winner movie “Get out” and its sunen place. AMAZING.

Risultati immagini per blackish get out

A great episode and I hope that, even if you don’t watch the show, you’ll give it a look.

Last but not least (although it is the end of the season), a tetralogy. The writers and producers decided to do something rather unusual in a comedy show: they created an arch of four episodes in which we see a particularly tough time in Bow and Dre’s marriage.

They show that even the strongest of relationships can go through horrible times. In the first episode, we see Dre and Bow fighting, we see them trying to make time for each other by going on date nights and miserably failing. And from here it all goes downhill. After that, they did an episode called “Blue Valentine”, based on Michelle Williams’ and Ryan Gosling’s terribly tragic movie and then, they try to keep the family together by, ironically, separating and living in two different houses.

Risultati immagini per blackish blue valentine

Eventually, Dre and Bow reconcile but it is not an easy road. It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. It’s something they have to keep working on.

I absolutely loved it. It made me so sad but it was an honest portrayal of a relationship.

4 truly beautiful episodes.

I can’t wait for season 5! I’m curious to see where they are going to take show next!

Black-ish will return for a 5th season on ABC in September.

Have you seen black-ish? Did you like this season? What did you think of the teatralogy?

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P.S. I have a huuuuge crush on Tracee Ellis Ross. HUGE.


New Girl Season 7 Review

I can’t believe it’s over.

I’ve been watching New Girl since 2014 and now it’d done. No more episodes.

Even though the ending of season six could have been a series finale, I’m so glad they did these additional eight episodes.

It was fine revisiting these characters in a new light: since the last episode, three years have passed and Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Cece and Winston have changed: some of them got married, some of them had a child and they became different people.

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of it and even though I’m sad it is over, I’m so happy with the way they ended it.

Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone in New Girl (2011)

From Ruth’s birthday party, preschool admission tests and godparents to Nick and Jess getting dog, then getting engaged and married.

They bring back to the show all the recurring characters, guest stars and old fan favourites. Watching these eight episodes is like going on a trip down to memory lane: you remember the good times, you remember the silly jokes and the embarrassing moments…

I really liked it.

And can we just take a moment to say how lovely and a Dora Ball and unbelievably cute Schmidt and Cece’s daughter Ruth is?! SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!

New Girl (2011)

The twins who play her are so little but their comedic timing and delivery were outstanding! They were so funny! One of the highlights of this season. Absolutely wonderful!

The one thing I was a bit upset about was the whole “blessing/asking the father permission” thing that drives me crazy every time I see it on television and IRL. COME ON! In other matters, they are very progressive. For example, Schmidt is a stay-at-home dad and takes care of his daughter while Cece goes to work. Why couldn’t they have just skipped Jess’ father’s permission? We will never know.

Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris, and Jake Johnson in New Girl (2011)

I loved that, at the end, it was all a classic Winston prank and that Jess and Nick didn’t really have to move out of the loft. This made the episode and on a lighter and funnier note than it would’ve done without prank Sinatra’s comeback.

I have spent a lot of time watching “New Girl” and I think it will always hold a place in my heart. I watch it/listen to it all the time when I’m studying. I just put it in the background and it helps me concentrate.

Thank you for the laughter and the happy moments.




“Rise” Season 1 Review

I talked about “Rise” when it premiered, around 12 weeks ago.

It’s about a teacher, some drama students and their production of the musical “Spring Awakening”, a quite dark and raw play that deals with drugs, sex and other elements that are deemed “inappropriate” for a high school performance.

I wasn’t too positive in my review. I praised some great elements, like the diverse cast, the LGBTQ+ representation (especially the transgender one) and the overall themes of the series.

The acting and some choices that were made didn’t really sit well with me. As well as the dialogue.

It felt stiff and unrealistic. Like when Ted (I can’t remember his nam… Lou? Well, the guy played by Josh Radnor) tells his son: “You’re my boy” in a weird, kind of gangster way… He sounded like Schmidt from New Girl.

I looooove the message they were trying to send: you can’t censure art, you can be whoever you want to be, people can’t put you in a box, high school is hard but you have to be strong… They are all wonderful and empowering messages but the final product had glitches: the acting, the dialogue, the acting again… It felt off.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

Towards the end, it got better, or maybe I got accustomed to it. I don’t know. But I was sad it got cancelled. (NBC I still love you. You saved Brooklyn99. You da best.)

Not surprised. But sad.

Risultati immagini per nbc rise

I would have probably watched another season, if they had made some changes and improved a little bit.

The songs got stuck in my head, by the way. And I definitely want to see the complete musical, but I think the adjective that sums it up and perfectly describes it, is stiff.

Something wasn’t clicking and despite the super positive and important messages, it didn’t make the cut.

Did you see “Rise”? Did you like it? Have you ever heard of “Spring Awakening”, because now I am intrigued!

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UnREAL Season 3 Review

I can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed the season of “unREAL”.

Right from the first episode I got super into it and the main reason was one of the contestants.

First of all, let me explain what the show is about: it’s the behind-the-scenes of a show similar to “The Bachelor”and the lives, intrigues and problems of the people behind the camera as well as those who actually appear on this reality shows.

Won’t made me so excited and eager to watch the show was, like I mentioned, one of the contestants: Alexi, played by Alex Sparrow.

Alex Sparrow is a Russian singer director and actor that we used to watch clips of him and of his music videos on YouTube in school.

Even five years ago he was a celebrity in Russia and we watched his rendition of “Kalinka” on YouTube during class and we read articles about him in the Russian magazine we used to get.

I couldn’t believe when I saw his name in the credits and I saw him coming out of the limousine in the first episode. It’s been the highlight of my Tuesday evening.


Now come on let’s go back to the show: this season has been quite interesting. Instead of a male bachelor, Serena is the protagonist of this reality show and she has to choose between 20 guys and find true love.

Quinn, the head producer, is trying to become even more powerful in the entertainment business.

Rachel has come back and she’s trying to live her life with as much honesty as she can, trying not to lie both in her private life and on the job. She is dealing with that pretty heavy childhood trauma and helping her father escape from her mother’s control.

The show is full of bad people doing horrible things for their own personal gain. The storyline and what happens on the show is completely ridiculous but so fun to watch!

One of my friends keeps telling me that I shouldn’t waste my time watching it because it’s too ridiculous but it’s fantastic!

The finale itself was fantastic. I loved it so much.

Serena deciding not to choose any of the two remaining suitors, Quinn letting Rachel go and entering a somewhat healthy relationship with Chet, Rachel finally getting her cabin, in the middle of nowhere and working of getting better.

It was a great season. So much better than season 2. (It wasn’t the best. Sorry.)

And…… I’ve seen the preview for season 4 and it’s…


It looks like Rachel is the suitress, Alexey is back, Quinn was holding a baby… I’m so excited!!!!

We probably won’t be seeing it until 2019, but I’ve got something to look forward to!

Have you seen the show? Did you like season 3?

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