Suits – s07 ep 16 – “Goodbye” – Review SEASON FINALE

I’ve just posted mt review of the previous episode and I’m ready to, quoting Brooklyn99’s own Charles Boyle: “UNLEASH THE BEAST“.

I. Am. Pissed.

This finale was so disappointing. It was bad. Like, real bad.

Two major characters are leaving the show, Meghan will never be able to reprise her role as Rachel because she is becoming a Duchess. In England. In less than month.

Patrick could come back for a short cameo and I’d be so incredibly happy to see him again… but he has officially left the show.

Anyway, this won’t be a long post. You can sum up what happened in 2 lines.

Jessica tries to connect with her estranged family in Chicago while trying to fight people who are set on destroying her. They save the firm. Mike and Rachel get married.


And I’m not joking.

A pullet point list of stuff that I noticed/found somewhat interesting:

  • Jessica looks so cool and perfect and I love her
  • Jeff Malone
  • Dante from Homeland was the Mayor of Chicago
  • Mike and Rachel win their lawsuit
  • Harvey & Co save the firm from former senior partner Gordon
  • Apparently they are merging with Robert Zane? Not really sure. I was bored.
  • Choosing a cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” as soundtrack for the vows was so unoriginal and trashy that it made me want to barf. (I’m always super classy)

They basically aired the pilot for Jessica’s spin-off instead of doing an actual finale and celebrating Mike and Rachel’s history at the firm and on the show. So disappointing.

Sure, there were adorable moments like the one between Rachel and Donna.

2018-04-28 (2).png2018-04-28 (3).png

And obviously the wedding!!!

I was not a fan of the vows. There was no originality, they were ordinary and stupid. They reduced Rachel as “the wife” and it made me sad. She is a strong and badass woman and she was treated lie garbage this season.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2018-04-28 (10).png

2018-04-28 (11).png

2018-04-28 (13).png

2018-04-28 (15).png


A bullshit episode for a bullshit finale for a bullshit season.

They have already put out a promo for season 8, airing his July, and even though I know I’ll be watching… It made me sad.

I’m not keen on having Katherine Heigl on board. I’m much more excited about Katrina (Amanda Schull) and Alex (Dulé Hill), who mysteriously disappeared and then came out of nowhere in the last episode.

What is happening on this show?

Nevermind. My only hope is that Harvey and Donna will finally get together and be a power couple.




See? I even managed to contain almost contain my anger towards the producers, show runners or whoever takes decisions in that place.

I am almost positive I didn’t even swear once!!

What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? Are you happy with the finale? Will you be watching the next season?

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See you again in July!



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