Brooklyn Nine Nine – s05 ep 16 – “NutriBoom” – Review

Two episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in one day!?!

Best Day of the year

I am so excited to see them! I saw some promotional photos on Twitter and Tumblr (I recently signed up and it’s so weird!) but I tried to read as little as I could about the actual plot.

I’ve had one of the busiest weeks ever and I’m so behind on my reviews! And tomorrow another episode comes out! I’m so angry it has taken me so long!

But enough chit-chat: let’s go!

  • Cold Open

Another great cold open. There is a pigeon in the bullpen and the squad is trying to shove it out of the window. Let’s just say that a promotional picture became a meme and I’m living for it


  • Sargeant Amy Santiago

I looooooved seeing Amy in her uniform! I was so proud of her and she DID look dope.

  • Bill is back!

Fake Charles, alleged male prostitute and current “Nutriboom” employee is back and he’s just as hilarious!

  • Peraltiago

  • BOOM BOOM!!!

I loved that Jake and Charles were tricked into a pyramid scheme! It all goes back to the Halloween episode of this 5th season: Jake signs a contract that Fake-Charles gave him so he would free him and he would be able to propose to Amy.

But now he wants to get out of the contract and it’s impossible! It’s a clear pyramid Scheme but they can’t seem to get out of it!

The first thing I thought of was Scientology!

  • Say “Boom Boom!”, darling!


Hope you enjoyed the episodes as much as I did!

Please, tweet at “@FOXTV” and use the hashtags “#RenewB99”, “RenewBrooklyn99” and “RenewBrooklynNineNine”. We all need a 6th season and if enough people politely demand it, it is more likely to happen.

Thank you.







Boom boom!


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