Suits – s07 ep 14 – “Pulling The Goalie” – Review

I had to watch this episode twice.

I’ve had the busiest week EVER and I had barely the time to watch ANY show. I squeezed  Suits between two tutoring lessons and I’m so glad I did.

Let’s get into the episode because I have a lot of opinions.


I like Louis standing up to himself and at the same time, being the bigger man. Sheila’s fiancé is a dick and I get that Louis at least wanted to be the superior man regarding his job.

I wouldn’t have thought he was the type of guy to sleep with an engaged lady, but he is being a “bad man”.

ultimately, he isn’t one because his conscience catches up with him.

What left me quite surprised is the ending: has Sheila really left her fiancé? But why now? Apparently it’s real because we can see them in the promo for next week’s episodes.

so… Cool?!


Harvey and Mike

Harvey and Mike back together fighting lawsuits and using movie plots as schemes to win cases.

The judge from Mike’s trial asks him to help her. She is accused of overturning a verdict for personal gain and she is here to cash in a favour. And Mike is going to fight for her. (after some reluctance.)

2018-04-21 (1).png

But what’s really impotant is the friendship between Mike and Harvey. Mike tells him he was the one that told Donna to tell him how she was feeling, resulting in The Kiss and the consequent dumping of Paula in the last episode (YAAAAAAY).

There is this amazing exchange between them that left us Darvey fans excited and incredibly pissed.

“Donna kissed me. It was after Malik was over and out of the clear blue sky, Donna kissed me. It’s a long story but it made me realise that Paula is not the one.”

“Because Donna is?”

If Harvey had just said “yes”, I would have been over the moon! But no! From here on it went downhill.

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

“Then what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that you should know better than anyone that sometimes shit happens you couldn’t see coming. It knocks you into a different life and this is one of those times.”

Then Mike tells him that he pushed Donna to “tell him before it was too late”.

And of course they have a “Eureka” moment and they figure out the case. Kind of.

Then they say stuff to each other, about how Mike went to prison and protected Harvey and yadi yadi. They sold the case, they make up, everybody is happy.

What I don’t understand are the words Harvey says to Louis towards the end of the episode.

“I say sometimes we have to sacrifice our business for the people we care about.”


Donna and Rachel

Long story short, Donna is tricked by th ownder of the building of Specter Litt and he threatens to evict them. Donna teams up with Rachel to fight him.

Of course she can’t to Harvey because of the Paula thing and the resigning and so many other reasons.

Donna FINALLY tells Rachel what happened with Harvey and they finally share some scenes!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

2018-04-21 (2).png


Donna and Harvey

They don’t interact much this episosde, except for the ending in which it’s all flirty and Harvey is subltly like “Let’s spend some time together! Let’s pour ourselves some drinks!”

They smile, they laugh, they drink together, they look into each others eyes…

2018-04-21 (3).png2018-04-21 (4).png


At least, this is how I interpreted it.

Let me know your thoughts on the episode! What do you think is going to happen in the finale?!

I’m so not ready to say goodbye to Mike and Rachel!!!



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