Mozart in the Jungle got Cancelled

I have literally just found out that Amazon decided to end “Mozart in the jungle“.

This is a disgrace.

I’ve been following the show since season two and it’s brilliant.

I have talked about the show on my blog (1st impression and season 4) and I was really hoping and waiting for a new season!

It’s one of those completely weird shows. It’s about a New York orchestra that has to survive the increasingly difficult times in the classical music industry.

It’s about people who are passionate about music and about playing and performing. It’s about artists.

The show takes risks with the plot, weight of the absurdity of Roderigo, with the directing and the writing.

Sure, Season 3 was a little bit weird, uneventful and had some questionable recurring characters with bad acting (Yes, I’m talking about Monica Bellucci) but I think the newest season was absolutely brilliant.

It explored Hayley and Rodrigo’s relationship, the difficulties they had to go through and the challenges for women conductors (and not only) in this field.

It’s horrible that they have completely disregarded the show as unimportant and therefore decided to cancel it.

It was completely different from the others: it wasn’t a procedural, it wasn’t a medical drama, it wasn’t about super heroes in spandex…

It was about music, passion and the performing arts. I don’t understand what Amazon studios is doing with his platform. Given how things are at the moment, I don’t think I will renew my Amazon Prime subscription in January 2019.

I am so disappointed and so angry about this. The show finally got back on track and what do they do? They decided to cancel it.

Nonetheless, even though there won’t be a fifth season, I urge every single one of you reading this to go and watch it. It is a beautiful story about crazy people that are passionate about music.

And with that, it’s over. Both my post and the show.

You will find me on Twitter angrily tweeting at Amazon studios.



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