Suits – s07 ep 12 – “Bad Man” – Review

Suits is back for another episode. Only 3 episodes to the wedding!

In “Pod Save America” style… a bit of house keeping: I decided to write a review for all the Suits and Brooklyn Nine Nine episodes that are going to air in the future. Check them out and let me know your thoughts on them!

Now let’s get stated:

I was not a fan of this episode.

  • Louis

I liked present!Louis’ struggle to figure out his situation with Sheila. What I desperately hated, was the flashback. It was so bad. Like, really bad.

The acting was forced and terrible. I didn’t like the plot of the flashback. It was useless and pointless. I truly disliked it.


I’m kind of glad Sheila is back… The situation is not the best, but I’m curious to see what’s going to happen to them.

  • Mike And Rachel

Mike going head to head against Oliver, his buddy from the clinic. I loved the parallels between Mike and Harvey, and Mike and Oliver.

That was cool and interesting and the kind of stuff I am here for.

I’m disappointed by the lack of interaction between Rachel and Donna, though. I mean, they had always supported each other in times of confusion and hardship.  And they haven’t shared a single scene in two episodes.

Suffice to say, this episode only passes the bechdel test thanks to the conversation between Donna and Jessica.

  • Jessica

Jessica is (briefly) back, y’all!!!

I love her. She is my favourite character and I’m glad they are bringing her back like this. Even for a couple of seconds.

I adored her conversation with Donna. They were great partners in crime that didn’t have that much time on screen together.

  • Donna

This whole Donna / Harvey relationship is giving me a headache. It seems like they are back on track, as much as they can be. She is still helping Harvey, spending time with him and comforting him.

2018-04-07 (1).png

Why is she doing this to herself?! I want to see her happy!!

  • Harvey

Harvey irritated me as much as the Louis flashback. Irritated is not a sufficiently strong word to descrive my feelings. I fucking hate him and his actions.

He is waiting Paula to “say something” after he told her that he and Donna slept together 12 years before.

2018-04-07 (2).png

But what really made me super super mad, was that he gave Paula (his former therapist, in case you forgot it) and not Donna, the credit for his reconciliation with his mother.


She might have helped him come to term with it and with his abandonment issues but NO. NO. NO. NO.

I saw the promo for the next episode and shit is going down. The tension!!!!!

Anyway… here it is. Let me know what you thought of the episode and if Harvey made you super angry as much as he made me.



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