Suits – 7B Premiere – s07 ep 11 – “Hard Truths” – Review

Suits is finally back!

197 DAYS

After 197 days, the entire world is going to know what the hell happened between Harvey and Donna. I literally can’t wait.

7A ended with those two idiots kissing each other to the tune of “Waves” by Dean Lewis. ICONIC MOMENT.

And now we’re back! I sincerely hope Paula Agard (Harvey’s therapist turned lover) won’t be in this episode. Please, television Gods. Please.

Wow. This episode was gut-wrenching. I waited for months: I wanted to know what happened after the kiss and I got it.

It took me a while to digest what happened and to form an opinion on it. I was left really really disappointed at the beginning, but then I talked with a fellow Suits-lover fan and everything made a little bit more sense.

This was a very Donna and Harvey episode. It dealt with the aftermath of the kiss and I have to be honest: it was a difficult to watch.
I have no idea what’s going on inside Harvey’s brain but it’s wrong. Sure, I get he is angry because Donna made him the only thing he never wanted to be: a cheater.
But he handles it all wrong. He doesn’t tell his girlfriend (just as a reminder: she was his therapist), he confronts Donna and this goes poorly as well and at the end, he asks his girlfriend (his former therapist) to move in with him. After he “resolves” things with Donna by hugging, he decides to be 100% honest and to tell Paula that they slept together many many years before.
So yeah…. Shit went down.
Now let’s talk about some things that at the beginning left me disappointed and then I kind of understood. Emphasis on “kind of”.

Harvey giving Donna the cold shoulder wasn’t a surprise. We all knew he was going to react badly but one thing I hoped for, was Donna owning up her to her actions and moreover her feelings.Β 

When she followed Harvey in the lobby of the firm, she told him she didn’t feel anything when she kissed him, that she was sorry, that she had to know so she could be sure she wasn’t missing out in something.
2018-04-05 (1).png
Everything she said was a lie. Nobody believes her. NOBODY.
Only Harvey because his brain is currently outside of his body.
Speaking of Harvey, he really pissed me off.
He started talking about how their “lines had been perfectly clear for a long time”.
He flirted with her all the time, even before going to Pearson Specter Litt, when they see in the DA’s office. They kissed, they slept together and he told her he loved her.
And Donna, for once, reiterates with the truth: “Our lines are as blurry as lines can get”
Now, I want to put out an unnecessary disclaimer:
In case it wasn’t already crystal clear, I don’t care about Paula. I really don’t. I don’t care about her, her issues or her problems.
So I cringed so much when he went to talk to her. I hated it so much!
It felt like it was a sort of impulse reaction: Donna scared him, she gave him a glimpse of what they could be together and he got scared. On top of that, he knows that Donna is maybe the only was that can destroy him and tear him into pieces.
He is terrified by that.
So as a reaction to push aside those worries and fear, what does he do? He asks Paula to move in with him.
I was literally about to puke. Why would he do that?
The ending really surprised me. Harvey and Donna apologise to each other cause of all the personal and professional mess (he was so upset that he flunked an interview with a new senior partner) and..

they hug.

They had never hugged before.
Then? What does he do? He goes back to Paula and he tells her the whole truth about him and Donna: They πŸ‘ slept πŸ‘together πŸ‘.
And he’s like: “Say something.”.
What do you want her to say, you idiot?
I can’t wait to see how the situation is going to evolve in the next episodes.
It’s going to be so dramatic.
Oh and Mike solves his problem with the help of Rachel, everybody is happy except from Jessica (πŸ‘‘πŸ‘Έ) who took the blame for Harvey’s mistake of hiring Mike and now her reputation in NYC is in shatters.
If there weren’t the spin-off, I would have been so mad.

Hope you liked the review. Let me know if you’d like me to keep writing them week after week. (I’m doing this for all the new episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine).

Let me know what you thought of the episode.



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