Brooklyn Nine Nine – s05 ep 13 – The Negotiaton – Review

ATTENTION! This post contains spoilers for the entire 5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine including the latest aired episode!

It’s finally Monday!!! And this means… Another Brooklyn Nine Nine review! SO EXCITING!!

Like the guys on Pod Save America always say: a bit of house keeping! Some self promotion! Not because I want views or likes or some shit like that. I desperately want the entire world to watch this show! So…

You can read my review of the latest episode here!

And you can read all about my Brooklyn Nine Nine week here: Day 1 (Gina Linetti), Day 2 (Capt. Raymond Holt), Day 3 (Halloween Episodes), Day 4 (Social Issues on B99), Day 5 (LBGTQ+), Day 6 (Guest stars and recurring characters), Day 7 (15 reasons why you should watch Brooklyn99).

What. And. Episode.

I loved it so much!!! It’s always fun when dog Judy comes back to Brooklyn 99 and this episode wasn’t an exception.

Jake gets asked to be the negotiator in a hostage situation: but who’s on the other side? IT’S DOUG JUDY!

Risultati immagini per the negotiation brooklyn nine nine

The Pontiac Bandit is back! Usually one time in every season, Doug Judy comes back to the show and forces Jake into weird situations. What’s most hilarious, is the love and friendship that is shared between the two of them.

Even though they’re supposed to be nemesis, they have this bond and respect. It makes me so happy!

Aside from the banter between Jake and Judy, Captain Holt and Terry were facing quite a problem: a representative of the Commissioners office came to the precinct to interview the captain subordinates and they chose Hitchcock. HITCHCOCK!

Of course everybody freaked out and Terry and Holt tried to do a sort of “The My Fair Lady-fication of Hitchcock.”, as the said.

While all of this was going on, Charles opened his food truck and it was a disaster! He became even meaner than Gordon Ramsay and it was FANTASTIC!

This exchange between Charles and Amy blew my mind and had me laughing for hours:

“Do I look like Jake to you?”

“No, not at all!”


This is the stuff that I live for on Brooklyn 99. It was perfect, hilarious and overall majestic.

And Jake and Judy singing “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes was so funny and at the same time, adorable. Not to mention when they started talking about Jake and Amy’s imminent nuptials!!!!

It’s the most pure and at the same time inappropriate on the show. Maybe other than Boyle’s adoration for Jake and his romantic relationship with Amy.

I hope you liked this review! Talking about Brooklyn 99 just give me so much joy and it feels my heart with happiness.

Next week’s episode is going to be amazing: Sterling K Brown is a guest star and I already know I’m going to love this episode. Mostly because I love every single one of the show’s episodes.

One more thing, share your love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on social media using the hashtags #Brooklyn99 and #RenewBrooklyn99 and directly tweeting at @FOXTV and @Brooklyn99FOX.



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