Brooklyn Nine Nine – s05 ep 12 – “Safe House” – Review

ATTENTION! This post contains spoilers for the entire 5 seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine including the latest aired episode!

In case you missed it, for the past week I’ve been posting every day about my love for the show.

I urge you to watch it and, if you like, you can read my take on it here: Day 1 (Gina Linetti), Day 2 (Capt. Raymond Holt), Day 3 (Halloween Episodes), Day 4 (Social Issues on B99), Day 5 (LBGTQ+), Day 6 (Guest stars and recurring characters), Day 7 (15 reasons why you should watch Brooklyn99).


I’ve been waiting the longest time for the next episode and it’s finally here!

I laughed all the way through it!

It was so perfect that if I described everything I loved in it, it would take me a week of constantly typing.

We left the first part of season 5 (5A) with Seamus threatening Captain Holt’s husband Kevin after the Nine-Nine squad stopped his robbery.

Scared for Kevin, the squad sets out to do whatever they can to keep him safe, so Jake volunteers to stay with him, under strict rules stated by the Captain.

While Jake is in hiding with Kevin, Rosa, Charles and Gina try to get information from Seamus’ girlfriend. And Rosa ends up like this:


Amy and Terry are trying to piece together an enormous amount of papers that have been shredded and Scully is inexplicably helpful.

It’s hilarious. I’m telling out. I’ve laughed for 21 minutes straight. It’s magnificent. A strong and much-needed comeback, since the next season hasn’t been picked up yet and the entire community is so worried it won’t happen.

Here is a list of some of the best parts of the episode:

  • Jake busting out his Nicholas Cage impression is a wonderful reference to Andy Samberg’s hilarious segment of SNL about him impersonating the actor. Check it out here with Nick Cage himself. I love it. THAT’S HIGH PRAISE!!
  • Holt absurd house rules, like “crawling on your belly” and the “designated areas where you can stand upright during the day” and Holt scolding Jake while “monologuing” (I know, it’s not a word) a situation in which Kevin is dead just to prove a point.
  • Holt and Kevin fighting was devastating, but they still made it hilarious.
  • Weird Pervert Kevin and Weird Pervert Jake: I think another reference to Andy Samberg’s career: The Lonely Island’s Song “Creep”Creep b99.gif


  • One of my favourite recurring jokes: Title of your sex tape.

title of my sex tape b99.gif

  • Holt texting



2018-03-19 (1).png


And last but not least, this glorious moment.

DYpykzLXUAAVCnf.jpg large.jpg

Wouldn’t we all want Capt. Holt and Dr. Kevin Cosner to be our dads?

Overall: 9.5/10

Here is my review of “Safe House”. I hope you enjoyed it and I’d like to know if someone is interested in reading these types of review for the following episodes.

Just like a did with Pretty Little Liars. But I promise: this time I’ll finish them

One more thing, share your love for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on social media using the hashtags #Brooklyn99 and #RenewBrooklyn99 and directly tweeting at @FOXTV and @Brooklyn99FOX.




p.s. this episode got the best rating of the entire year, so if you live in the US, watch it live!

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