“Pimento is here!” – Brooklyn99 Week – Day 6: Recurring Characters & Guest Stars

Brooklyn Nine Nine has so many hilarious guest stars and recurring character!

They improve an already perfect show, they disrupt the narrative and create more opportunities for the cast to show different traits and grow.

Given Andy Samberg’s background on SNL, a lot of them are from the show. But we can’t forget Micheal Schur’s previous shows like “Parks and Rec” and “The Office”.


  • Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery

He was Oscar the accountant on “The Office” and on B99 he played the doctor that has to tell Captain Holt and Jake that they have contracted the mumps.

Kate Flannery was also an important character on “The Office”. She was Meredith and here on Brooklyn she plays the head janitor who refuses to clean the precinct’s break room after Boyle blows up his pressure cooker.

I was so happy to see them again!

  • Matt Walsh as Detective Lohank

It’s so funny that his name sounds like “Low hank” because he was sad and low-energy.

You might recognise him from VEEP, where he plays Mike.

  • Bradley Whitford

Yesterday I watched “Get Out” by Jordan Peele (Chelsea Peretti’s husband) and as soon as he came up on the screen I shouted: “It’s Captain Roger Peralta!!!”

Risultati immagini per chris parnell eva longoria brooklyn nine nine

He plays Jake’s absent father and it’s hilarious. Every single episode he is in, it’s crazy. (Just look at the thanksgiving episode in season 5!)

  • Patton Oswald

Since we’re talking about dads, he plays a fire marshal who is competing with the NYPD and like Jake, he was abandoned by his father. This helps them form an alliance and it’s so funny.

  • Chris Parnell and Eva Longoria

If you’ve seen 30 Rock, you might remember him as the questionably competent doctor Spaceman. Here, he plays Sophia Perez’s (Eva Longoria) boss Geoffrey Hoytsman who Jake arrests for possession of drugs and then Hoytsman kidnaps him to get revenge. It’s so stupid and so great.

Risultati immagini per chris parnell eva longoria brooklyn nine nine

Eva Longoria is Jake’s ex-girlfriend, an attorney lawyer. Since cops and defence lawyers don’t get along, their relationship is not quite easy.

They ultimately break up because said relationship was obstructing her career. Oh and Teddy revealed to Jake that Amy had a crush on him.

What an episode.

  • Maya Rudolf

The first one on this list to come from the SNL family. She plays the Marshall that helps maintain Jake and Holt’s cover in witness protecting.

She is amazing. Incredibly funny. I’m kind of sad that she wasn’t in more scenes!

  • Nick Offerman

I love Nick Offerman. I loooooooooooove him.

Risultati immagini per nick offerman brooklyn nine nine

He was the amazing, wonderful and hilarious Ron Swanson on “Parks And Rec” and here he plays Captain Holt’s ex boyfriend.

And it’s magnificent.

As much as his glorious beard.

  • Fred Armisen

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine fred armisenAlways playing a super weird neighbour of a victim, he is dressed in horrible sweaters and listens to songs about a dog losing his virginity.


  • Jorma Taccone

One of the three members of the comedy music trio “The Lonely Island” with Andy Samberg, Jorma and Akiva Schaffer.

He plays the manager at “The Fun Zone”, the entertainment park where Captain Holt (or should I say Greg) works in the undercover episodes in Florida in season 3. He is the most incompetent manager ever and he is convinced Holt is a stoner.

I desperately want a “The Lonely Island” song for Brooklyn Nine Nine. PLEASE!!!

  • Jenny Slate

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine jake jenny slateAnother Parks and Rec alumna! Jenny Slate was Mona-Lisa Sapersteen and she was fantastic!! And here on Brooklyn Nine Nine, she plays a girl on the mafia that was spleeping with the guy Jake is trying to arrest.

I love her! So funny!

  • Neil Degrasse Tyson

This guy is so cool!!!!!

  • Craig Robinson

Doug Judy might be the best nemesis / best friend character on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

The Pontiac Bandit is the only criminal that Jake hasn’t been able to catch him. During the 5 season, Judy has popped up quite often.

Immagine correlata

And despite being sworn enemies, Jake and Judy has a great friendship. He gave him relationship advice, they created a surprisingly catchy theme song for themselves and Jake wore a stupid oversize white suit.

And the last two… MY FAVOURITES…

  • Bill Hader

Bil Hader is a comedy genius. He is amazing. Absolutely funny. Watch him play Stefon on SNL. Legendary.

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine bill hader

Here he is the new captain that substitutes Holt when he is sent to PR by his arch nemesis Madeline Wuntch. Right after Amy and Jake start dating. And he catches them kissing in the evidence room. And then he has a heart attack.

He is so good… I love him so much.

  • Jason Manizoukas

But my favourite recurring character and guest star has to be Adrian Pimento, played by Jason Mantzoukas.

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine adrian pimento best moments

Risultati immagini per brooklyn nine nine adrian pimento best moments

I love him! He is so funny and so disturbing at the same time! He has this weird personality and he is completely crazy. Like, really crazy.

I hoped you enjoyed this very very long post.

I have so many opinions about the show and there are so many things I love and adore about Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Please, renew it for a 6th season.

Let me know what your favourite supporting character or guest star is! And let’s start discussing the show!




AAGLNYCPA – Brooklyn99 Week – Day 5: LGBTQ+

Yesterday I talked about social issues in general but today I want to focus my attention of how the LGBTQ+ community is represented on Brooklny Nine Nine.

There is so much diversity and topics like sexuality and, because people are stupid, homophobia.

Captain Holt is an openly gay black high ranking officer in the NYPD. He is out and proud and has been fighting discrimination for the entirety of his career.

Speaking of Captain Holt,

  • African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policeman’s Association

Holt founded this organization to unite gay policeman and women on the force and create a respectable organization.

He is obviously incredibly proud of it and after another young police office runs against him to become president of AAGLNYCPA, he decides to step down, let him run and implement his vision to improve the program. He realises that AAGLNYCPA would be better off with a leader younger than him that didn’t have to fight gainst the system like he did.

  • Exclusion

Holt stated many times that his racist colleagues excluded him from activities and events because of his sexuality.

First in “The Party”, in which the 99 is invited to the Captain’s birthday party and Jake soons discovers that his husband Kevin isn’t a fan of cops. The reason? He dislikes detectives and police officers because of what they have put the Captain through: the discrimination, the non-promotions, the comments.

Another episode in which it’s mentioned is “Beach House”. Jake and the squad are planning a weekend away to Boyle’s ex wife’s beach house. It was supposed to be a fun couple of days of getting drunk and making fun of the boss.

But the Captain tells Jake that he never had the opportunity of “joshing around” with his own squad because they discriminated him for his race and his sexuality.

Holt is such a strong a role model!!!

  • Rosa’s coming out

In one of the latest episode of season 5, Rosa officially came out to the precinct and to her parents as bisexual.


I was an amazing moment. So powerful. It was so important to have a Latina bisexual character coming out on television. And on top of that, it was wonderful to see Rosa’s softer site.



I love it so much. And Jake being supportive and there for her!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  • I wish you hadn’t said that

Jake punching one of his childhood heros because he was a homophobe was AMAZING.

The author of his favourite book as a child about cops in the 70s turns out to be a terrible person and insults Capt Holt, Jake punches him in the face despite the dire consequences. I think it’s a great moment that shows people to stand up for what they believe in and on top of that, just stand up against homophobia and discriminatory comments.

– Transgender Support

Brooklyn 99 has also been very vocal about the transgender community and the horrible discrimination they face.

Jake mentions how tough prison is, especially for trans-people.

Jake: “The only people less popular in here than cops are snitches.”

Warden: “Let’s be honest, it’s not great in here for trans people.”

J: “That is so true.”

W: “They have a hard time.”

J: “It’s a problem.”

In another scene, in a different episode, Jake shines a light and comments and movie saying: “it only get overtly trans-phobic towards the end”.

Despite not having a member of the transgender community on the show, it still mentioned and it’s still addressed.

And as I have said before, REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

It’s a slightly shorter post then the others, and the LGBTQ+ Is mentioned so many times that I would have to transcribe episodes! I wanted to focus on this topics because I thought they were relevant and powerful. I’m so happy that the show is so diverse, not only regarding race but also sexuality and sexual orientation.

You are doing an amazing job, Brooklyn 99! I love you.