“It’s Heist Time!” Brooklyn99 Week – Day 3: Halloween

If you’re familiar with Brooklyn99, you know that Halloween is a big deal. Every year, the precinct gets wrapped up in stealing something and the winner will be crowned “King of the 99” and an “amazing detective / genius”.

These episodes are so funny, intelligent and clever. On top of that, they are just silly.

I’m going to attempt to rank them from least favourite to favourite. (It’s basically impossible because they are all perfect).

5. Halloween II (season 2 episode 4)

I’m sad Halloween II is at the bottom of my list, but let’s be clear. It’s still perfection.

There is Jake dressed up in a weird magician’s uniform, Charles lets the squad choose his horrendous costume, a watch and so many shenanigans.

Jake gets into all sorts of terrible events that lead him to have no car, being arrested and losing almost everything.

Captain Holt’s competitiveness is amazing and the chemistry Andre Braugher has with Andy Samberg is fabulous.

4. Halloween IV (season 4 episode 5)

I’m just going to leave this here. I dare you not to love it.

3. Halloween (season 1 episode 6)

Classic. First heist. Jake dares the Captain that he would steal his medal of valor . If he loses, he will give up his overtime. If he manages to steal the medal., the Captain will do Jake’s paperwork for the night and state that he is an amazing detective / genius.


Jake tries every single ridiculous trick to get it out of the Captain’s office: he dresses up like a janitor, tries to jam pigeons into the air conditioning vents and then choreograph a weird thing with grown men with royal baby costumes on.

And let’s not forget Terry’s line: “Jake, I love you like one of my daughters”

2. Halloween III (season 3 episode 4)

This one is hilarious and all about girl power! (GO AMY!!)

Neither Holt nor Jake want Amy on their teams because they only see her as “Jake’s paramour” or “Holt’s lackey”. So she takes matter into her own hands and fights for the title of “amazing detective / genius”

There is this hilarious part where both Jake and Holt yell at Amy’s chest, thinking there is a hidden camera in her bra.

And then the iconic Gina GIF:



1. HalloVeen (season 5 episode 4)

This has to be the best one. Jake has just come back from prison, there is Captain Holt’s dog Cheddar, a championship belt (or cummerbund) and the cutest, most perfect moment in TV history: Jake proposing to Amy.

The handmaids’, the tramps, Fake’s Charles, “you boring!”… It’s such a beautiful episode and the ending makes to so special.

My heart burst with happiness every time I watch it.


After writing this post, I’m realizing Jake is always in some sort of a disguise or costume and I LOVE IT!!!!

Let me know which on is your favourite!



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