“Bingpot!” Brooklyn99 Week!! Day 2: Captain Raymond Holt

After yesterday’s post entirely dedicated to the amazing Gina Linetti, I felt like talking about someone completely different: Captain Raymond Holt.

Played by the wonderful Andre Braugher, Captain Holt is the most stoic, uptight, strict, adorable, strong, and unintentionally funny character on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

What makes the show special is its diversity and Holt couldn’t be a better representation of it. Being a black openly gay police officer in the 70s and 80s wasn’t easy for him but his tenacity and career oriented mind made him rise to his current position. What a man!

He has an adorable dog named Cheddar and his relationship with his husband Kevin Cosner is GOALS!

Here’s a list of my favourite Captain Holt moments:



Nobody says “Punk!” like Raymond. It’s hilarious and he looks terrifying.

– No Regrets

Other hilarious exchanges with Madeline Wuntch include:



– Captain Raymond Holt and Dr. Kevin Cosner

– Heterosexual Holt

Jake is right… He is such a dog!

– Booooooooooooone!

How dare you Detective Diaz?! I am your superior officer!!!!!

SO ICONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– I’ve never been more shocked!

Holt I've never been more shocked b99.gif

The juxtaposition between his face and his words is perfect.

– Holt’s Balloon Arch

This was one of the most hilarious things ever! Holt’s obsession with the balloon arch!!! COME ON! SPECTACULAR!





And last but not least…..


Hope you enjoyed this! I had so much fun writing it and finding the perfect gif.

There are, of course, so many more GIFs and moments and so much more. You just have to find out by watching the show!



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