First Impressions: January Pilots – Part 1: Grown-ish & Alone Together

Along with september and october, January is the month in which TV shows come back from their holiday hiatus.

Tv series start again, new pilots air and the spring/summer season begins.

Today, I’m reviewing two pilots: “Grown-ish”, ABC’s “Black-ish” spin-off that follows Zoey as she embarks on her journey through college and “Alone Together”, a FREEFORM series produced by The Lonely Island.


I like Black-ish. I enjoy how it tackles problems in our society, especially for African-Americans and minorities. Is it funny? Not really. Is it fun to watch? Yes!

I saw this amazing interview of Yara Shahidi on “The Daily Show” and it made me want to check out her show.

The two episodes that aired are good. It’s all about life in college, becoming an adult, facing your responsibilities and more.

But it was too ridiculous, too much about social status, relationships, gossiping… Too girly for my taste.

I appreciated the different points of view of the characters, but the series itself was too shiny and too immature. I am sure it will tackle important issues and I’ll definitely be watching those specific episodes.

The only adjective that comes to mind is “nice”. Very similar to black-ish. If I ever have nothing to see, I’ll probably watch that. Or if I feel like watching something light and breezy. (That Brooklyn Nine Nine Quote!!!! 😉😉😉)

What I like about it, is the diversity that the show represents. Good job, Grown-ish!

“Grown-ish” airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on FreeForm

“Alone Together”

I hadn’t heard about it until I was looking at some article about Andy Samberg and I saw that him and the other two guys in The Lonely Island (Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) are producing the show.

Obviously, I had to check it out.

It’s about two friends, a woman and a man, trying to navigate their lives in “the vain and status-obsessed culture of Los Angeles” and their platonic relationship.

What drew me to the show (aside from Andy Samberg) was the fact that it was specified that the relationship dynamic between the two characters is strictly platonic. YES! As much as I love romantic comedies, it’s refreshing hearing a show with a female/male relationship that doesn’t involve romantic feelings and sex. At least between them.

I wanted to like this. I really did. But it needs a lot of work. The acting isn’t that good. Especially Benji Aflalo and Esther Povitsky. They star in the show and they also produce it but there is something missing.

He has the facial range of emotion of Kit Harrington, so completely non-existent. Some of the jokes were good but the delivery sucked.

It is an interesting commentary on LA’s shallowness and appearance-obsessed culture, but it lacked a lot of ingredients to make it good.

“Alone Together” airs Wednesdays at 8:30pm/7:30c on Freeform.

I am quite disappointed by both shows. I was hoping for something new and innovative but to me, it feels like they should both be in the “work-shop” fase.

I am truly hoping that they’ll get better.

6/10 to Grown-ish and a 5.5/10 to Alone Together.


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