FX’s “Atlanta” – Review

I just finished watching the FX serie Atlanta. And I have to say that I really really liked it. He was extremely innovative, creative and so fascinating. Created, produced and written Donald Glover, this show is unapologetically black. It’s not written to make black culture more accessible to white people, like many other shows on TV. It’s just black.

At the beginning, I was quite confused. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it and many things went over my head but it felt like everything was blurry. Of course, it’s natural because it’s the pilot and the characters were still unknown to me.

In the entire serie, we see Donald Glover’s character struggling with money, with his job and trying to make it in the music industry by helping a rapper get his music on the radio.
It’s nominated as “best comedy”, but at the beginning it did not really feel like a comedy. I wasn’t really into the first episodes but I persevired and it was worth it.

Risultati immagini per atlanta fx

After episode 4 with the weird blogger and the little kid and episode 5 with blck Justin Bieber I was sure. This series is phenomenal. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was: “Donald Glover is a genius.”

I suddenly understood the serie, the humour and the true meaning of Atlanta. It’s an amazingly crafted comedy with a lot of irony.

Donald Glover is spectacular and his performance is mesmerizing. Earn has a complicated life: he is basically homeless, he has a daughter and tries to be a decent dad. In the meantime, he wants to enter the music industry and offers to manage his cousing rapper, known as Paper Boi.

Despite a rocky start, it is one of the most innovative shows airing on TV right now. It’s provocative, smart and well-made. Another spectacular show by FX.

Here are 4 episodes I think that deserve some recognition:

EPISODE 5: “Nobody beats the Biebs”

Black Justin Bieber. It’s the only thing you need to know. Black Justin Bieber. I thought it was hilarious. Well done, Donald Glover.


Risultati immagini per atlanta b.a.n.

Written and directed by Donald Glover, this episode is fantastic. So incredibly clever. B.A.N. stands for “Black American Network” and Paper Boi is invited to this show to talk about masculinity and sexuality. One thing I have really loved was how provocative it was. From the piece about the black man trying to change race to the cereal commercial about police brutality. ABSOLUTELY GENIUS.

EPISODE 9: Juneteenth”

Immagine correlata

This episode is aburd. Earn and Vanessa (his daughter’s mother) pretend to be happily married to impress high society people at a party. The title of the episode refers to June 19th 1865, the date of the announcement of the abolition of slavery. It was mental. The hostess’ husband is a nutjob, who has black culture as a hobby. Completely crazy. It’s a great episode, so fun and thought-provoking.

EPISODE 10: The Jacket

The recurring gag of Earn’s jacket was hilarious! The whole über-driver debacle and his obsession with finding his lost jacket was the focus point of the episode and I loved it.

It was a perfet last episode and I cannot wait to watch season 2.

Although I didn’t really like the first episodes and it’s not something I would normally watch, this is a series that is so incredibly innovative that you shouldn’t dismiss it. It is introducing a new concept in tv shows and it’s definitely the right choice.

Donald Glover has created a fantastic critique of modern society and black culture. On top of that, he delivers it in a beautiful way: the directing and writing is outstanding, it’s different, new and at time confusing.

Please, check it out.

Let me know your thoughts on the serie. I’d really appreciate it!



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