Suits 7 – Mid Season Review

Suits is one of my favourite shows. EVER.

I have great memories of watching it with my little sister, laughing about Louis and being mesmerized by Jessica, commenting every single time how badass she is and how spectacular she looks in her dresses.

I’ve been watching Suits since season 3 and I am unbelievably glad I found this hugely underrated show. Every single character brings both virtue and vices to the story and it is simply magnificent.

Created by Aaron Korsh, “Suits” gives the viewers so much style and amazing quotes from Harvey. The style, though! I’d kill to have their wardrobe. SPECTACULAR.

Today I wanted to talk about the first 5 episodes of the summer slot (the winter one starts with episode 11) and vent about what has happened so far.

From Left to Right: Gina Torres, Patrick J Adams, Sarah Rafferty, Meghan Markle, Rick Hoffman, Gabriel Macht.

This 7th season has completely wrecked me. Mainly because of Harvey and Donna. Actually, the lack of them.

After the season 6 finale, I was SURE something would (or had already happened off camera) between them. But I was wrong. When Harvey woke up from the dream on episode 1, I was devastated. Truly devastated.


And when he appeared in Dr. Agard’s office I didn’t think much of it. I though he was still going to therapy. Instead, NO. He wanted to date her.
I understand that Paul and Harvey want to have a relationship and the fact that he told her a lot about his personal life during their sessions is incredibly important to him but at the same time: no.
I think this new romance is quite awkward and unrealistic. I get that a deep connection was formed between them and although Harvey says that on paper they are not breaking any law, it is still quite awkward dating your therapist. They have a personal history together and that a deep connection was formed between them during Harvey’s time with her but Donna and him have been teasing each other for 12 years. Frankly, I do believe he belongs with her and not with Paula.

Whoever wrote that dialogue when Harvey says “we should be scared together” or something like this, it was stupid. It sounded like something out of either “Pretty little liars” or “The Bachelor”.

I absolutely love the character of Alex mainly because of the actor Dulé Hill. I loved him on “Psych”. He is terrific.

Even though I really like this season, I feel like something is missing. And that “something” is Jessica. She was the glue that held the show together and now that she’s gone, it isn’t the same anymore.

It’s a time of change because there is one character missing and I think the writers and the producers now have to form a storyline around a character that is not Jessica Pearson. And she was the head of the firm, someone for Harvey answer to, but now he is the boss. In Pearson Specter Litt, he is the one that has the highest authority. And as we have seen, he is not quite ready for leadership.

I love the new positions Donna and Rachel are in because they have real powers that allow them not to be just a secretary or a paralegal, they are actually the bosses. And although a black amazing woman was managing partner and she was the boss, the show can be a little bit too much focused on Mike and Harvey.

Speaking of them, I am 100% sure that Mike’s deal is going to cause some troubles, which are already starting to appear on the horizon.

One more thing: I ADORE the way they portrayed Louis’ struggle with his break up with Tara and the his consequent loss of fatherhood. Usually, this storyline is sadly associated to women (*sexism*), our need to have the fantasy wedding, husband and children and therefore abandon our careers. It’s a norm that society has imposed on us. And if you don’t want to get married or don’t want children, there are people who will judge and criticise you. (See Jennifer Aniston).

But all the women in “Suits” are powerful and intelligent human beings that, in my opinion, inspire others to pursue their dreams. Making Louis go through it all, helped make their point. Why do women have to be associated to this stereotype? Why can’t there be a men that want marriage, a family and children? Usually this falls back to women but I hope “Suits” can show that you don’t need to conform to society and you can be your own person.

I’m extremely happy that “Suits” got renewed for this 7th season. I don’t know if it was because Megan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry helped the ratings or just because USA network decided that the show had to go on. Nonetheless I’m really glad. And hoping that there is going to be an 8th season!

The only thing I hope is that the show does not get stupid. I’ve seen loads of show that by its fourth or fifth season, they are just trash (just to name one “Castle”). I don’t think this is what is happening with “Suits”, because I believe season 5 was one of its stronger. It was magnificent, but I’m having doubts about this one.

Anyway, I am still nursing my crush on Jessica AND Harvey. Both amazing characters. So well-rounded and brilliantly crafted.

Jessica I miss you and I love you. (Please, come back for more episodes).

PLEASE, let me know what your favourite episodes are. Or anything Suits related. I’d like to start a nice discussion!

Episode 6 airs tonight on USA Network!



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