Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars – Season 7 Episode 14 – “Power Play” – REVIEW

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the 14th episode of Pretty Little Liars. You have been warned!

I’m back! I resurfaced. Only for today. I had my English exam today and I don’t feel partiularly confident. Anyway, I finally managed to find an hour to edit this post that I reviewed proably three weeks ago. I AM SO BEHIND ON THESE REVIEWS!!! So enjoy!

ERZA! You’re back! Long time no see! The tension between him and Aria. OUCH.

Also, Alison is back! Not sure if I’m happy or not.

WOW! In the first 4 minutes, two characters are back and the cop guy person is in Spencer’s bed… YAY.

Not wait, Spencer’s dad is also back!! The authors and producers finally woke up and realized they only have snot that many episodes left!!! Wakey wakey!

No, I’m serious. What’s happening? So much information in just 10 minutes! I can’t handle this!

2017-06-05 (4).png

“With her being alive, it doesn’t change a thing about how I feel about you.”. Sorry Ezra, but I don’t believe you. Not a single word you said.

And now the board is playing with the liars again! Yay.

Nicole found the book and wrote on it! POOR ARIA! COME ON! Another woman (who was supposed to be dead but actually held captive and tortured) is in love with her fiancé and she can’t deal with it! DUH! Nobody could!

Emily flirting with Paige is stupid and being a bitch to her. She is playing with her feelings and I know it’s going to end badly.

2017-06-05 (5).png

No, wait. Not only they brought back Ezra, Alison and Spencer’s dad… they brought back Pastor Ted! The guy Hannah’s mother almost got engaged to! WEIRD. And obviously, he was hiding Mary. COME ON!

Alison in the maternity shop is creepy. Choosing clothes for the child she does not want or asked for. I felt so sad for her…

Paige, this race thing is the stupidest montage they did on the show. REALLY REALLY BAD. But I’m so happy they are back together!!!!

But my happiness didn’t last for long!! COME ON.

2017-06-05 (7).png


But the stupidest decision ever is made by Aria: she jumps into a car and meets A.D., who is actually SYDNEY. And somehow I was not surprised. Now A.D. (who is not actually Sydney, BTW) wants Aria to join the weirdos?

Pastor Ted is Charlotte’s REAL FATHER!?! Whaaaat? No wait. Lucas was friends with  Charlotte when they were children? I knew that guy had something to hide. (I didn’t. I forgot he ever existed until recently).

So… no… wait… Someone stole Emily’s eggs, fertilized them and used Alison as an incubator? WHAAAAAT? I can’t even. HOW DO THEY DO THIS?  Producers and authors I love you.

Spencer’s dad’s story sounds like bullshit. Mary killed Jessica? Didn’t we find out who the killer was? I can’t remember half the show.

Aria, you fucked up. Big time.

Probably the best episode ever. I loved it. It was ridiculous from beginning to end and I adored it.  Up until now, I wasn’t sure so many things could happen in a single 40-minute episode.


I sincerely hope that next episode is going to be just as good as this one.

Georgia 🙂

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