Homeland Season 6 Finale


This season has been real. Some would say even too real.

The last episode of Homeland’s 6th season aired last Monday (April 10th) on Showtime and it was heart-breaking.

I reviewed the first episode and now I’m here to summon everything that has happen in the past 12 episodes: Dar is a fucking asshole, Carrie is being screwed by everybody, Dar is the worst human being on the planet, #fakenews, President-Elect, Dar is a monster, #fakenews, Dar is dickhead, #EmmyForRupert, the CIA, Claire Danes’ crying face is still here, Rupert Friend’s performance, Dar Adal is a cruel pervert. Quinn, I love you.

Homeland usually focuses on intense and real problems related to terrorism and national security and USA relationships with foreign countries and in particular Islamic terrorism.

If this didn’t seem enough real to you, this year they decided to include the topic of “fake news” and the strained relationship of Homeland’s President-Elect with its own intelligence community and with the country itself. The peaceful transition of power was not seen both in reality and in the fictional world of Homeland: people chanting “Not my president!”, islamophobia, fake news, crazy people talking shit on their own messed up shows, polluting the internet with trolls and haters and fake information.

The similarities between reality and fiction were terrifying. It’s scary when reality is far worse than anything we could possibly imagine.

But what really shocked me, was Quinn. I haven’t been a fan of him right from the beginning, but the writers were spectacular in creating such a 3-dimensional character. From the first episode of season 3, I fell in love with him. In season 4, he was probably my favourite character, he had so many layers and such depth that was exceptional. Rupert Friend, who played him, was terrific. This year’s performance was incredible. In season 5 he was tortured with chemical weapons and then had a stroke that almost ended his life. It was brutal. I wasn’t a big fan of season 5, but the ending broke my heart. I cried for at least an hour. And last Monday’s episode definitely split it into two pieces.

I know it’s a drastic thing to say, but for me, Homeland is over. I’ll definitely keep watching, but without Quinn it will never be the same. I said the same thing after Brody died, but at least I had him.

Now it’s just Carrie and Saul. Dar Adal is in prison. Quinn is dead. A possible despot is sitting in the White House.

Homeland is able to re-invent itself season after season. Plot twist after plot twist. Main character’s death after main character’s death.

Let’s face it because I’ve already changed my mind: I’ll probably watch season 7 next year.

To finish off this review: Quinn, I’ll miss you. I love you. Bye.





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