Silicon Valley

I completely forgot Silicon Valley was coming back on TV, but I’m so glad it did. It airs on Sunday at 10PMon HBO for a total of 10 episode (season 4th finale will air on June 25th).

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a group of computer engineers trying to build a successful company in ruthless Silicon Valley.


The main character is Richard Hendrix, a socially awkward engineer who develops an algorithm that can reduce immensely file sizes. At least this is what I think it does. More than half of the technological stuff is incomprehensible to me.

Fixated on the name “Pied Piper”, Richard brings his roommates and fellow programmers onto his project and creates his company. Right from the beginning, Richard is faced with one of the hardest decisions of his life: sell his algorithm for 10 million dollars to the evil Gavin Belson or keep the company and receive fundings for his app from Peter Gregory.

Along the lines, he meets my favourite character of the entire series: Jared. He is possibly the weirdest, most awkward and uncomfortable person ever. He is so self-sacrificing, unselfish and soooo maternal, especially towards Richard. But Jared (whose real name isn’t even Jared) isn’t the only brilliant character. The never-ending feud between Gilfoy and Dinesh is HILARIOUS and the Satanist and Pakistani programmers bring the bromance aspect to the show. Their competitiveness and insults are just the best. Another completely strange person on the show is Erlich Bachman, the owner of the house where they all live. He calls it his “incubator” and he tries to be kind of mentor… while been stoned the entire time.

Two other characters are Big Head, Richard’s best friend and an utterly useless and stupid programmer that is so clueless all the time! Sometimes he is so gullible and… it’s so funny! And of course Monica, possibly the only sane person of the bunch. She works for the company which has been founding the “Pied Pieper” company.

And I almost forget Jian Yang!!! He is an app developer who lives in Erlich’s “incubator” and has no links to “Pied Piper”. The hilarious thing about him is his problem in communicating, especially with Erlich… It’s such a good dynamic and it just makes me laugh so much!!!!!

The show itself is incredibly funny, rude and sometimes stupid. But so so SO good. It’s ridiculous and completely insane.


silicon-valley-season-4daniel-clowes-posterLast Sunday, the show premiered its fourth season and I already know it’s going to be amazing. I was a little disappointed that Richard left Pied Pieper and started working on his crazy project on the new internet.

I felt like Jared at the end… I did not want to let go of Richard! I wanted the team to stay together!!! I was so sad!

But the return of Russ Hanneman definitely lifted my mood. His rant in front of the (wrong) elementary school was spectacular and sooooo embarrassing. I loved it.

I can’t wait for next Sunday for the second episode. If you’re interested in a really funny, unapologetic and often very rude comedy show, THIS is exactly what you need.

Georgia 🙂


Pretty Little Liars – Spring Premiere 2017 – Season 7 episode 11 – “Playtime” Review

ATTENTION! This review contains some strong language and (obviously) spoilers from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode. You have been warned!

I have reviewed a couple of episodes (ep 8, ep 9 and ep 10) of the latest season of Pretty Little Liars and I had so much fun. This show unloads so much stuff on one single episode. It’s unbelievable.

Pretty Little Liars

I have been waiting for a long time for the show to come back and finally, I can get back into the trash. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I heavily trash the show, even though I adore it. It’s so teen-angst. To get back into the show and to refresh my memory, I re-watched some of the old episodes, just to remind myself of all the nonsense that happened.

And it’s been great. To quickly recap: Noel Kahn was working with A.D, he is psychotic and got beheaded by an ax (which was stuck on the floor), Jenna pointed a gun at the girls and started shooting around. (Need I remind you that she is blind?), someone shot Spencer but as Jenna was about to pull the trigger on Spencer, Mary Drake knocked her over and while someone dragged away an unconscious Jenna, Mary revealed that SHE was Spencer’s mother. And happy with all this tragedy, the creators decided that Toby and his fianceé (whose name eludes me) had to get into a really bad car crash.

AND, in the last few seconds, it is revealed that Jenna didn’t know A.D. and wasn’t working for them. But now she is trapped (presumably) in a van with him/her.

And bear in mind that this happened in the last 10 minutes. SO MUCH INFORMATION TO GO THROUGH!

But it’s been almost a year since this episode…. Let’s not waste more time and let’s dive into it. The following things that you will read were written while watching the episode, so it’s my genuine reaction to all the SHIT that happened.

Right in the first two minutes the amount of information is ridiculous. Yvonne (that’s the name of Toby’s fiancée!!!) is in a medically induced coma, the liars find out about Toby and said something about Mary Drake. What I don’t know. It was so fast!

Also, Ezra comes back! In the last episode, his previous girlfriend and girl he wrote his book about, came back to life. Yes. THAT HAPPENED.

Hannah pinching Caleb to “check that he is real.”  *eye roll* COME ON. The entire conversation was a cheesy sentence after another. I wanted to puke.

Can we just talk for a minute about the fact that Alison is a teacher now? It’s absurd.


Hannah:“Did you talk about the wedding?”

Aria: “No, we didn’t.”


This whole Spencer/Cop thing is just stupid. Why is he even here? What is his point?!? So annoying.

And as you can see on the right…. Who the fuck is this guy? Holden? Where are you coming from? What’s the point of you? Meaningless people seem to be the theme of this entire episode.

It seems that for once, Veronica told Spencer the truth! Mr. Hastings had another illegitimate child! This time with Mary. But he thought she was Jessica? And Mary was in the asylum so Veronica took the baby in and adopted her as her daughter. I feel so bad for Spencer. It was completely absurd, but I really felt sorry for her.

So after her meltdown and her mother’s confession, she decided to play A.D.’s game and went to see Toby. And had an emotional heart to heart. Blah blah blah.

Then some shit with Mona and Hannah and a Senator’s daughter.  *eye roll*

Sometimes these subplots are so boring and at the same time better than any shit the show can make up. Just like this tension between Emily, Paige and Alison. I don’t really care. And it’s getting pathetic.

Anyway, as Hannah prepares to stab the game A.D. sent them, a video appears on the screen. It’s them, digging up Alison’s husband.

And as the final scene, we see Jenna asking questions to someone off camera. Obviously A.D. She says “End Game” and…. that’s the episode.

Frankly, I expected more. I was all in for a ridiculous episode like the summer finale but this one wasn’t as much fun. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. It was cheesy, stupid, ridiculous, annoying (like Ezra and fucking Nicole… COME ON!) and magnificent.

I’ll definitely try to review episode after episode until the very end, but I’m starting to live again and I’m getting slightly better and I don’t know how much time I’ll actually have 😦

Let me know if you liked the episode and your thoughts on it. I’d love to discuss it with you! BYE!


Homeland Season 6 Finale


This season has been real. Some would say even too real.

The last episode of Homeland’s 6th season aired last Monday (April 10th) on Showtime and it was heart-breaking.

I reviewed the first episode and now I’m here to summon everything that has happen in the past 12 episodes: Dar is a fucking asshole, Carrie is being screwed by everybody, Dar is the worst human being on the planet, #fakenews, President-Elect, Dar is a monster, #fakenews, Dar is dickhead, #EmmyForRupert, the CIA, Claire Danes’ crying face is still here, Rupert Friend’s performance, Dar Adal is a cruel pervert. Quinn, I love you.

Homeland usually focuses on intense and real problems related to terrorism and national security and USA relationships with foreign countries and in particular Islamic terrorism.

If this didn’t seem enough real to you, this year they decided to include the topic of “fake news” and the strained relationship of Homeland’s President-Elect with its own intelligence community and with the country itself. The peaceful transition of power was not seen both in reality and in the fictional world of Homeland: people chanting “Not my president!”, islamophobia, fake news, crazy people talking shit on their own messed up shows, polluting the internet with trolls and haters and fake information.

The similarities between reality and fiction were terrifying. It’s scary when reality is far worse than anything we could possibly imagine.

But what really shocked me, was Quinn. I haven’t been a fan of him right from the beginning, but the writers were spectacular in creating such a 3-dimensional character. From the first episode of season 3, I fell in love with him. In season 4, he was probably my favourite character, he had so many layers and such depth that was exceptional. Rupert Friend, who played him, was terrific. This year’s performance was incredible. In season 5 he was tortured with chemical weapons and then had a stroke that almost ended his life. It was brutal. I wasn’t a big fan of season 5, but the ending broke my heart. I cried for at least an hour. And last Monday’s episode definitely split it into two pieces.

I know it’s a drastic thing to say, but for me, Homeland is over. I’ll definitely keep watching, but without Quinn it will never be the same. I said the same thing after Brody died, but at least I had him.

Now it’s just Carrie and Saul. Dar Adal is in prison. Quinn is dead. A possible despot is sitting in the White House.

Homeland is able to re-invent itself season after season. Plot twist after plot twist. Main character’s death after main character’s death.

Let’s face it because I’ve already changed my mind: I’ll probably watch season 7 next year.

To finish off this review: Quinn, I’ll miss you. I love you. Bye.





Missing two trains, Univeristy stuff and headaches

On Wednesday, I had the worst day.

It was really bad.

Weirdly enough, mentally, I was almost ok. But let’s start from the beginning: I emailed a few of my university professor in order to get the materials to study for my exams and so I had to go to Uni and actually talk to them. I need to do at least 2 exams this year or my mom will have a heart attack and I will have to explain to people why I didn’t, so in order to avoid all of this lying and unnecessary stress, I’m doing this. Even if it devastates me.

IMG_6628Anyway, I knew that if I didn’t have anyone pushing me to go talks to the professors, I wouldn’t have gone. But I did.

To summon everything up, my friend arrived late to pick me up and we missed out train. So we arrived in Venice late and therefore I got to the building where the professor was holding meetings late and I spent an hour waiting. Then we went back to the station and guess what? We missed the train AGAIN because my friend was again LATE.

But I held it. I didn’t say anything, I stayed calm. Even though this caused me to be late again, I ate in a haste and then I went to tutor some kids. For almost four hours. With an excruciatingly painful headache.

I’ve been suffering from terrible headaches recently. Like this one, they start at midday, I can’t concentrate and even moving ONE muscle feels like nails drilling into my brain.


I really kept my cool, not a scrap of makeup on my face and kept on smiling. But the real question is: how can you miss two trains in the span of 5 hours. Please tell me. I repeatedly told her I had a full day and no time to waste.  I had to go back the next day and I sooooooo didn’t tell her that I was. I was truly upset.

I hadn’t slept very well the night before. I was so scared about going to Venice and dealing with all of that university stuff. I’ve been doing a little bit better, studying for my driving license exam and opening the uni website without having a panic attack. So, of course, I took this opportunity for actually getting things done.


Franky, I don’t know what’s been going on with me. Some days are awful. Some are better. This week it’s been good. The last one wasn’t. I sat on my bed crying for a while, feeling too frightened to even get out of the house.

Tomorrow is Easter. The family will gather both on Sunday and on Monday. This means questions, scrutiny and a lot of judgy looks. Let’s hope next week is going to be just as good at this one. Without the missed trains.

Have a nice weekend!