Good Behavior

I’ve known about this show for a long time but I was so busy with other shows, tutoring, university and more.

I have browsed through a couple of TV shows broadcast on TNT and I wasn’t very impressed. I didn’t have high expectations. None at all.

mv5bmje4ntizndc1ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmzmznzmwmdi-_v1_sy1000_cr006851000_al_“Good Behavior” is about a thief and con artist called Letty. She has just come out of prison and she is struggling to survive. But when she overhears a conversation between a hit man and his client, she finds herself in a dangerous situation. She begins a toxic and complicated relationship with Javier, the handsome trained killer. On top of that, she wants to regain custody of her son, now in the cares of her crazy mother.

THE SHOW IS SO ADDICTIVE! I loved the relationship between Letty and Javier! It’s the perfect passionate love story between two people who have both done horrible and horrific things. It’s intriguing, real and really sexy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Starring my favorite English posh lady of the 1920s Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) and handsome Argentinian Juan Diego Botto, the show is gorgeous!

And what I love about it is that it’s not sugar coated. It’s raw, imperfect and weird. Letty’s problems with drugs, alcohol and a restraining order add up to her very sexually charged relationship with Javier.


I was also very surprised with the themes of the show, especially about the drinking, the drugs and the sex. There are a lot of sex scenes (of which I’m not really fond of. Not because I’m a prude, but hear me out: think about how embarrassing it must be to film those scenes! There are people watching them, cameras and… It makes me squirm so bad!)


Anyway, I want to talk about Javier… I REALLY like his character… even more than Letty. There was maybe a little bit too much crying from Dockery’s part (and I’m the one talking… I cry every 5 minutes), but I kind of get it. She is a recovering alcoholic (and she is not succeeding), had a drug abuse problem and she is also trying to be a mother for the child that she barely knows. Speaking of her adorable son, Jacob is the best. As a 10-year-old, he is very sharp and observant and probably knows too much about his mother’s messy affairs.

Also… Take a moment to look at Javier. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜

He is a horrible human being, he killsmv5bzwnmytziogitytizys00nta1lwjjmdutnznlyjvkmjy2zgm1l2ltywdlxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjc5mjg0nju-_v1_sx1499_cr001499999_al_ people for a living. People pay him to kill whoever his client wants to get rid of. He is a murderer. But at the same time, he has principles, and an etiquette and there are lines that he won’t cross. He is a complex character, with a deep love for his estranged family and an adorable softer side. And did I mention that he is gorgeous? And has a psychotic and violent side? Let’s not forget about that.

Another couple of characters I really loved: Rob, Letty’s mother’s boyfriend. Imagine your typical Trump supporter? The not-so-bright uneducated ones? That’s him. And he is hilarious!

Also, FBI agent Rhonda Lashever was everything! I laughed so much whenever she was in a scene! LOVED HER!!! I definitely hope she’s going to be back for season 2! Oh yeah! TNT renewed it for a second season! Yay!

I was actually surprised by TNT. I’ve seen other TV shows from this network and in comparison they were crap. Sorry TNT, but I was NOT impressed.

And I have to admit that I also wasn’t impressed with “Good Behavior” at the beginning. I follow Michelle Dockery on Instagram and I knew about the show since she announced it on her account and I watch the trailer when it came out.

But I thought it was the same boring and “glossy” series in which they want to convince you that it’s serious, intense and HBO-worthy, but it’s really just a fake, over-dramatised and insufferable copy of high-quality show. And I was so glad I was wrong.

There are only two things that I wasn’t into: Michelle Dockery’s American accent and the music. Maybe it’s because I’ve only known her from Downton Abbey and heard her speak in a posh British accent for hours, but I didn’t really like. I could tell she was faking it. And it kind of bothered me. And the music… I thought it was well-suited for the tone of the show, but personally, I didn’t particularly like it. Too techno.

So counterbalance these slightly negative aspects, I’d like to mention my favourite episode: episode 7 “The Ballad of Little Santino.”. It was BRUTAL. I really loved it, but it was hard to watch.


It was just sooo real!

Lately, I’ve been noticing that fantasy is coming back as genre in TV and movies. And I’m not super thrilled about it. Well, I’m not happy at all. Really not happy. And it was so refreshing seeing something like this. I finished it in a week and I literally can’t wait to see the next season.

If you’re a fan of crime, complex and broken characters and a complicated relationship, this is the show for you.

I definitely recommend it and hope that you’ll let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen the show!

Georgiaย ย ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Did I mention the amount of wigs that there are in this show! Hilarious!