January Wrap-up: Books I’ve Read

I’ve never done anything like this before, so bear with me. In my Goodreads “2017 Reading Challenge” I put 30 books. I was being optimistic because last year I barely managed to get 20 done.

Since joining the website and subscribing to a few people on YouTube, I’ve been trying to get back into reading, because when I was little I used to LOVE reading. I read everything I could get my hands on, but ever since I started (and also finished) high school I never felt like it.

If you look through my blog, you can clearly see that one of my passions is television, but I want to get back to the written words.

In the month of January, I managed to read 3 books. And I’m pretty happy with that.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling29069989

Even though I’m a huuuuuuge Harry Potter fan, I didn’t read the book straight away. I had heard some opinion (mainly disappointed reviews) and I didn’t want it to ruin everything. I gave it 3/5 stars, just because it was Harry Potter. But frankly, it felt like reading a badly written FanFiction. I think it doesn’t have the same depth and the same brilliance of the other 7. BUT, it was a screenplay. There are no descriptions, no context… Had I seen the play in London, I probably would have liked it more.

Just like I do when a TV series has an ending I don’t like, I’ll pretend this book doesn’t exist.

Sorry J.K. Still love you. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • 2928531Animal Farm by George Orwell

This book was recommended to me by the boy I’m tutoring and I really liked it! It’s about a group of animal that live on a farm and their decision to overthrow the owner and become independent.

It’s about dictatorships, democracy and rebellion… but the main characters are animals. It’s definitely something weird, but the metaphor is powerful. By the end of the book, you realize how easy it is to shift from one oppressive regime to another.

It’s not very long, it has a hundred pages but it’s an absolute must.

  • Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick 29868610

I love Anna Kendrick. I have seen a good amount of the movies she has made, so I was really interested in her book. It’s my third “celebrity/actor-book” (Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Yes, Please by Amy Poehler) and I was surprised! As I wrote in my review, there are a lot of stories about her starting out as a child-actor and cool behind-the-scenes anecdotes. That was what I loved the most about it. Seeing what is it like to be a movie star, dealing with fashion and award shows.

If you’re interested in these kind of things, and you like Anna Kendrick, definitely a book I’d recommend!

Hope you liked this post! I’m also more than half way through “The Shining” by Stephen King, but it’s so long and difficult to read. At least for me.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for me!

Georgia   🙂


2 thoughts on “January Wrap-up: Books I’ve Read

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t like it! I have too some books that I vowed never to go back to: Alessandro Manzoni’s Promessi Sposi, for example. I feel like you have to let some time pass in order to be able to re-read books I was forced to read in high school, and really appreciate them. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

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