Homeland season 6 episode 1 Review

(Spoiler Alert for Season 5 obviously, and of course the new season)

I have been waiting a YEAR for this.What’s going to happen to Quinn? Dd Carrie pull the plug? Is he still alive? Is Carrie going back to the CIA? And what about Saul and that devious Dar Adal? Last season left me sobbing for at least 20 minutes. It wasn’t Homeland’s best one. It really wasn’t.

Season 1 Poster

BUT this new episodes reminds me a lot about season 4. Which I LOVED. The second part of the season was written, directed and acted like something I have never seen before.

As soon as I discovered “Homeland” in January 2013 (just after the ending of season 2), the show has taken the stop in my Top 10. And this new episode reminded me of why I love Homeland so much.

Some general information about this new season

  • it’s set in New York City. After two years in which it was set in Islamabad and Berlin, it finally goes back to America.
  • it’s November in this election year and a new president has been elected: a woman.
  • Carrie is working for an association that helps wrongly accused muslin get a fair trial.
  • Saul and Dar Adal are trying to brief the new president-elect on CIA matters.

After the first three seasons on Brody, Carrie and terrorism in American, “Homeland” pivoted to foreign countries. This allowed the writers to talk about people’s different perspective and they focused everything on american foreign policy. Season 4 gave us an insight into an american embassy in a country like Pakistan. We had the terrorist’s point of view, a dialogue with Saul and Haqqani and strong criticism toward drone strikes. At least this is how I saw it.

On the other hand, Season 5 was all about terrorist groups in european countries: muslin people who wer born in Germany that convert to ISIS’s movement. And of course problems of espionage (*cough* russia *cough*) with the CIA.

These both seasons are extremely real. The scary thing about season 5 is that it’s a possible outcome. It could happen. And a version of it, did. And it’s horrific.

But let’s get into season 6.


From this first episode, I’m absolutely intrigued. Quinn is back on USA soil and he is as broken as he is ever been. After the stabbing, drowning, coma, stroke and probably something else of the last season, he is in a veteran hospital trying to get better. He is under Carrie’s constant scrutiny and going out of his mind.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn

Carrie is living in a nice apartment with Frannie, working to help wrongly accused muslim men. She has distanced herself from the CIA and seems like she has everything in order (meaning: she is taking her pills).

I was really excited when a couple of months ago they announced the timeframe of the episodes: right after the Presidential Election. I haven’t experience it before because I was 12 when President Obama was elected and I’m excited to see what happens in real life and what they portray on Homeland.

J. Mallory McCree as Sekou Bah

This season is all about internal policy and about Carrie building a sort of relationship between Americans and the muslin community. At least this is the vibe I get from episode 1.

I am definitely intrigued by this episode. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 5 and I SURE HOPE, (are you listening Showtime, Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon!?!), that they tried to top season 4 because that was visually stunning. It was beautifully directed.

I know this isn’t a true review of the new episode, but I don’t want to give too much away and after just an episode, I don’t have a well-formed opinion.

Hope you liked it anyway.

Georgia    🙂








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