Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been in my life for quite some time. I was in elementary school when I started reading Harry Potter and then fell in love with the movies. Naturally, almost every little girl’s favourite character was Hermione and as I grew older I started to get interested in the actress behind the character. And Emma Watson is a fascinating woman.

She isn’t just a talented actress and model, but as of 2014 she became a UN Women Goodwill ambassador to promote education for girl all around the world. She spoke at the UN (United Nations) headquarters in New York for the campaign “HeForShe”. A campaign that (quoting from Wikipedia): “calls for men to advocate for gender equality.”

I absolutely admire the work that she is doing, fighting for women’s education and rights.

As to encourage people to read and learn about feminism and equality, she has been leaving her favourite books in the New York Subway for everyone to read. She has started a book club on Goodreads.com called “Our Shared Shelf” in which she recommends books about feminism and equality.

I want this post to be more than makeup and beauty related things. I really would like you to go check the goodreads group and watch Emma’s speech at the UN. Truly inspiring.

Before immersing yourself into fantastic books and speeches, here are a few of Emma’s looks that I love.

Emma at the premiere of “Noah”

It looks like she doesn’t wear too much makeup: a soft line on the eyes, mascara and blush. And it suits her perfectly. It’s simple and sophisticated.

Emma at the Academy Awards of 2014
Emma at the British Fashion Awards of 2014
Emma at a dinner to celebrate the work of The Royal Marsden hosted by the Duke of Cambridge at Windsor Castle on May, 13 2014

As you can see in these three pictures, red lipstick is also one of her trademark looks. And she pulls it off spectacularly. It doesn’t matter which shade of red she is wearing, she manages to look elegant and graceful.

Emma at the HeForShe campaign launch

Please, watch the video and share it with your friends and family. It’s an important message and something worth fighting for.

Georgia   🙂


6 thoughts on “Emma Watson

  1. I love her! Her parents had a lot to do with how she is. I read one of her interviews that they put all the money she earned from the Harry Potter movies into an account for her future use and carried on with normal life, making sure she went through school as any other child and getting a degree.
    She said she didn’t have any idea how much money she had until she was much older and they handed her the account details. She was very surprised, to say the least!

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