December Kiko Make Up Haul

This is my first haul… I am kind of excited… I’m new at this, so bear with me please.

Last months I was browsing a few of my favourite make-up websites and I stumbled upon the page. And there were some incredible sales, so obviously I started putting things in the online basket like a maniac.

I spent 34,50€ (29£ / 36$) but 7€ were for an eyeliner for my mom and 12€ were spent of Christmas gifts for a couple of friends so, (if my calculations are correct) I spent 15.50€ for my self. And I bought a LOT of make-up for just 15€.


The Nail Varnishes are in the n° .

I had already tried the mascara a few years ago and I quite liked it, but my taste has change, so I am kind of excited to see if it is any good. It’s called the “Mascara Ultra Tech New Formula” and it was only 2.10€!

Similar in price, the black eyeliner “Deep Black Eye Marker” was 2.30€!!! I am used to liquid liners and I thought I could something new. The tip of the liner is a little bit too fat and chubby so I don’t really know if it’s going to work.

Then, because I hadn’t purchased enough liners, I bought a brown one! I already have one from Makeup collection but this one has glitter!! I can’t wait to use it!

I haven’t even touched the products… This is supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself by myself. And my conscience is killing me because I have spent a lot of money on makeup this year…  So, I basically have to legitimize my purchase and Christmas (even though I bought all of this stuff on November) is the perfect excuse.


But let’s not get into that… The focus of this haul are the eyeshadows. (And the lipstick they sent for free because I purchased two of the “Smart Colour Eyeshadow”)

The two on the top are “Smart Colour Eyeshadow” in n° 4 and 5. Last year (I think) Kiko revolutionized their single eyeshadows and came out with 90 old and new colours part of a line called “High Pigment Wet and Dry eyeshadow” : the only thing is: they are more expensive. 5.90€ (5£) each. I am aware that it’s not that expensive, but compared to the other line (the one on the bottom)… well, it is. But the pigmentation is amazing. It has a softer texture, it blends really well and… there are 90 colours. Which is impressive.

But Kiko was clever: they chose 32 of the most popular eyeshadow and created the “Smart” collection: they are identical to the others, but just a tiny bit smaller! And half the price! It’s such a great idea!

The second row, is from the “Infinity Eyeshadow” collection. they were on super sale at 1.40€ instead of 4.90€. What a bargain!!

From left to right: 243-270-288. img_6004

n° 243 – I kind of wanted a red eyeshadow. But not a red one because I’m not Lady Gaga or Kristen Stewart so I can’t pull that off. Believe me, I tried. But this has purple undertones so I figured it wouldn’t be an eyesore.

n° 270 – I have been looking for the perfect green eyeshadow for ages. I have 4 different shades of green and I still haven’t figured out a way to pull them off… Maybe this one will be FINALLY the right one.

n° 288 – I have loads of brown. Too many if you ask my mom. But they are my favourite colour and they suit my olive complexion… In the picture it looks blue, but it’s a grey/cold-brown colour! And since it’s winter and I love wearing dark, smokey colours I thought this was perfect.

As for the “Smart Lipstick“, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m not overly excited. It’s their creamy formula, they smell a bit weird and they are cheap (3.90€). Too cheap for a lipstick to be any good. It’s in the shade 932. I’ll try it as soon as possible, but I don’t have great expectation.

I definitely hope you enjoyed this post… Let me know if you tried any of Kiko’s products and if you have any to recommend me!

Georgia   🙂








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