A Guide To The Perfect Christmas Episode

This year, I haven’t been feeling the spirit of Christmas. I feel like everybody has embodied Christmas’s happiness a little bit too much. People started talking about it two months before. Calm down, guys. Come on. It’s just one day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the hot chocolate, the fairy lights and the Chrstmas free, but people have become obsessed…

If you (like me) are not particularly into Christmas this year, I collected a number of episodes to get into the mood. I thought about the order I wanted to put them on and I decided this: from funny to drammatic.

So without much further ado, here is my TOP 5 list of Christmas Episodes.

  1. Friends: how could you start a christmas marathon without one of the best comedies ever? In every of the 10 season there is a episode centred aroud Christmas, but after one or two it would get boring. So I chose the best ones: at least for me. Season 3 episode 10: “The One Where Rachel Quits” and season 4 episode 10: “The One With the Girl from Poughkeepsie”.
  2. Modern Family: Probably the best show to get you cozy on the couch surronded by everyone and enjoy from family fun. I love it so much. My sister and I are obsessed with it: there are episodes we know by heart. They also did quite a few Christmas episode, but my two favourite will always be: “Express Christmas” (s03e10), where the family tries to organize Christmas dinner in one day and a week earlier. On the other hand, “White Christmas” (s07e09) is about the family’s holiday in a cabin, with some tension between Jay and Claire, Haley and Andy and Mitch and Cam’s wish to sing the perfect christmas carol. They are both so funny and they make me feel all warm and happy.
  3. How I Met Your Mother: As the last pick in the comedy category, I went for one that leans towards drama. It’s called Symphony of Illumination and probably the only episode in which the narrating voice isn’t Ted. Instead, it’s Robin who talks to her future children and explains the difficulties she is facing during the holiday season. It’s sad, happy and deep. A perfect way to move from comedy to drama.
  4. Now let’s get into the tearful stuff: Doctor Who Christmas Specials. I don’t know what’s the deal with british television at Christmas, but it’s always depressing. I chose two of my favourite episodes, but let’s face it: they are all good. From season 5: “A Christmas Carol. It’s so bittersweet, adorable and Michael Gambon is a terrific actor. Another personal favourite is The Snowmen with Ian McKellen as guest star! It’s still not a cheerful episode, the Doctor is in mourning and depressed but it’s like stepping in a victorian fairytale. I’ll definitely be rewatching it during the holidays.
  5. Downton Abbey: The show is basically specialized in breaking our hearts, shattering them into a million pieces. But I’m not crazy! I don’t want to collapse on the floor sobbing like an idiot on Christmas Day. I’m not doing that for the 5th time. So instead, I went for the happy ones: The 2011, 2013 and 2014 Christmas Specials. There are not names on the episodes, but it’s season 2, 4 and 5. They are just perfect. I love them so much and along with the “Doctor Who” ones, they are my favourites.


I hope you enojoyed my list of favourite episodes! Let me know if you have anything else to recommend me!

Have a nice Christmas!










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