The Affair

“A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to forever change the course of their lives.” is the synopsis on IMDb for the Showtime series “The Affair”.

Noah, a married with three children novelist begins having an affair with an also married waitress called Allison.

They meet for the first time at the beach town restaurant where Allison works and as spectators, we can immediately see the attraction between the two.

What captured my attention (and made me watch the following 9 episodes) was the two different point of views. For the first part of the episode, we only see Noah’s side of the story: his arrival in Montauk and his family; in the second part of the episode, we watch the same story happening from Allison’s prespective.

But it’s not just that: the story changes. It’s just tiny details, pieces of the same story that don’t line up. And you will have to watch until the very end of the episode to discover why.

And it’s good. Trust me. You will follow the story till the very end. And specially, you WILL WANT to.

It’s broadcast on ShowTime and so the amount of profanity, sex and violent is off the roof, which is totally predictable since it’s a show about two people having an affair. I cannot stress this enough: there is A LOT of sex. Probably more than I am comfortable with. No, scratch that, DEFINITELY MORE than I am comfortable with.

The thing about the characters is that you WILL hate them. There isn’t right and wrong, there isn’t a good character or a bad one. They are all quite despicable. One can be worse (depending on the point-of-view-part of the episode) than the other and this is exactly why I love this show.

At the beginning it bothered me a little: I was waiting for the “good one” to show up, the character that (even partially) is better than the others. But it didn’t. Because in real life there is no good or bad. People are a mix of both. And the two points of view enable you to see both sides, two truths or at least what they believe (or are pretending to) is the truth. Truth is mainly subjective and here is more evident than ever.

The show is so complicated because it explores human feelings, implulses, secrets, betrayal… It’s not sugarcoated and this is what I look for in a good tv series. You get so into the character’s souls and personalities that you start to feel what they feel: their anger, their sadness, their passion… It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for both the characters and us at home.

And we can’t forget how incredibly believable and talented the actors are!! Seriously amazing.


Let me be honest: I started watching this because of Joshua Jackson. I basically fell in love with him while watching “Fringe” and well… “Dawson’s Creek” (Altough he looked completely riddiculus in 1998)… And here he is brilliant. You hate him, you feel sorry for him… And he is scary AF.

Dominic West as Noah is just perfect. You will like him, you will hate him (mainly hate him) but his portrayal is outstanding.

Ruth Wilson as Allison is spectacular… She completely shattered my heart in a million pieces. What a performance. She portrays grief is such a

And last but not least, Maura Tierney as Noah’s wife Helen is fantastic.

Both Joshua and Maura don’t have as much screen time as Dominic and Ruth, but when they do… Wow. Just wow.

“The Affair”‘s brilliancy isn’t only a product of my imagination but the show won 3 Golden Globes for Best TV Drama, Ruth Wilson for Best Actress in 2015 and Maura Tierney for Best Supporting Actress in 2016.

I think I have to stop writing because this post is long enough. But I could go on for pages and pages.

Oh, I almost forget. Listen to the main theme “Container” by Fiona Apple… It is dauntingly beautiful and it completely reflects the atmosphere of the show.







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