Gilmore Girls

This show killed me. Literally killed him. I have been an emotional wreck for the past 4 weeks and I blame myself. gilmore-girls-poster

Actually, no. I caved in under the pressure after my friend threathened me. So this whole thing is totally her fault. I blame her.

Unbelievably, I had never seen a complete episode before. And it’s always on TV! Even here in Italy! And I never got into it!! I’m kind of ashamed of myself here.

Also I have to make a statement: I haven’t been this broken since 2013. I’ve been trying to think about last time I was as devasted but I am pretty sure it goes back to Homeland. But after season 4 I totally lost it.

When I watch a show, there are a lot of levels of investment on my part. There is the:

  1. “rewatching episodes I have just finished seeing a few seconds before”
  2. “can’t wait to finish it because I love it so much and I want to know the ending”
  3. “can’t watch it now: too many feelings

and many many more…


But I just got so sucked into “Gilmore Girls”! The drama is just so much! Rory’s coming of age storyline and Lorelai’s life in Stars Hallow are amazing. You just want to find out if they are finally going to be happy! I am completely in love with the characters and I just want them to succeed!

I haven’t had such strong feelings for characters in ages! I HATE (and I have endless text messages to my friends to back my story up) Dean… If I could have gotten into the television, grab him and strangle him, I would have. The last fictional character I hated as much as him was probably Joffrey or Ramsay Bolton from Game Of Thrones… And that says a lot.

Dean is just so insufferable! Come on! He has literally no personality, no interests, he is just so boring!!!

On the other hand, Jess Mariano… Wow… Just wow. Best bad boy of the 2000s. Seriously, people… I can’t even talk about it… I am experiencing too many feelings right now…

But I hate Logan Huntsberger just as much as I love Jess… He might even be worst than Dean. God, what a horrible person. I still can’t believe sweet and kind Rory got involved with that arrogant prick. And this is the lightest insult I have said about him: I can’t write them here because they’ll be inapropriate. Very inapropriate. 1900_gilmore_girls_revival_fall

My friends says you can’t hate anyone from the show because it’s just so perfect, good and a reminder of her childhood that I can’t insult it.  But frankly, it’s impossible! I hate both Dean and Logan so much!

Anyway, I’m halfway through the last season and I can’t wait to see the Revival!

I know very little about it, but I’m so excited!! As you have probably guessed, I’m #TeamJess all the way and if Rory and Jess don’t end up together, you will be seeing another angry post with a lot of swear words. A LOT.

My heart has been broken so many time by this show that I can’t handle it anymore. I am so not making this up: I have been devasted by Gilmore Girls… It literally broke me. I totally screamed at the TV more time (and louder) than I should have.

This Is Us - Season 1I think it is Milo Ventimiglia’s fault. He played Jess on Gilmore Girls and he is currently portaying Jack on NBC’s “This is Us”, and if Gilmore Girls destroyed me, This is Us literally killed me. Repeatedly. It’s a different kind of distruction. It’s complicated… This is Us has more depth and better writing and directing, but Gilmore Girls is the classic romantice/drama/comedy series and it’s a gem. I shouldn’t be talking about this, I just wanted to give another shoutout to “This is Us”. XD 🙂

Anyway… Sorry for the length of this post… I just had so many opinions and feelings and… I need somebod to talk to about this… I’m going out of my mind!

See you as soon as my heart has healed again.



P.P.S. I’ve just finished watching the Revival. Let’s just say that I’m not happy. WHY, Amy Sherman-Palladino!!? WHY!?! WHAT DID YOU DO!!? WHY!?!?






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